Smart shutdown and smart alert

Samsung Smartphone In this article, we will consider 2 functions of a Samsung smart smartphone based on Android. The phone, using the front camera, sees your face and reacts accordingly – it does not turn off and notifies you of missed calls and SMS.

Smart disconnect

Smart mute uses the front-facing camera to detect your face so that the screen remains on while you're looking at it.

Smart shutdown works best under the following conditions:

  • Keep your phone level and upright.
  • You are in a well-lit room, but not in direct sunlight.
  • The front camera is not being used by another application at the moment.

Smart disconnect

To enable this option, go to Settings – Additional. functions – Smart shutdown.

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Smart notifications

A very handy feature if you actively use your smartphone. If you pick up the phone, it vibrates to notify you of missed calls or new messages.

Smart notifications

To activate the option, go to Settings – Additional. features – Smart notifications.

What smart features do you use? Write in the comments.

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