This is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020. It costs less than 16 thousand rubles

Android – smartphones are an extremely low-liquid product. Just a couple of months is enough for the device to begin to noticeably lose value. During this period, most even flagship smartphones fall in price by 15-20%, not to mention state employees, the price of which may fall by almost a third from the initial mark. It is difficult to say why this is happening, because most manufacturers value the Russian market very much and try not to break prices for their products from the beginning, passing along the lower border, so as to extract a margin and not to upset local customers. However, smartphone prices have been falling and are continuing to fall. The Galaxy A51 is a living example of this.

This is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020.  It costs less than 16 thousand rubles

Galaxy A51 is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020 in my opinion

The Galaxy A51 is, in my opinion, the best Samsung smartphone of the 2020 model year. It continues the traditions of last year's Galaxy A50, but, unlike its predecessor, it turned out to be devoid of most of the shortcomings typical for devices in this price segment. The Koreans have not only improved the design that makes the Galaxy A51 a truly beautiful device, but also improved the speed of unlocking when scanning a fingerprint. Due to the fact that the scanner is built into the display, its response speed was rather slow, but this year the situation has improved by an order.

Should you buy the Galaxy A51

This is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020.  It costs less than 16 thousand rubles

Galaxy A51 can already be bought cheaper than 16 thousand rubles

Galaxy A51 turned out to be such a cool device that I would have bought it for 20 thousand rubles, and for 16 it is impossible to find an alternative to it in principle. It is for this amount that it is available today from many Russian sellers, according to Yandex.Market. Yes, at this price it can only be bought from servo carriers that offer smartphones imported into the country bypassing official shipments. They have the opportunity to return the value added tax, which in most European countries is 20%, as a result of which their offers are invariably more profitable than authorized retailers who receive devices directly from the manufacturer.

Appearance, of course, is the main trump card of the Galaxy A51, but it is good not only for this. It is based on fairly powerful hardware, which is more than enough to handle the operating system interface and all applications that you install, be it games, programs for photo processing and video editing, or something else. I have no idea what kind of processor is there – in my opinion, something from Exynos – but it doesn't matter, because the device works flawlessly, and the minimum 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for it. In any case, as my own experiments have shown, it can easily hold a couple of dozen applications in the background.

Characteristics of the Galaxy A51

This is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020.  It costs less than 16 thousand rubles

AMOLED – displays are just a song

Otherwise, he is no less good. The 4000 mAh battery allows the smartphone to live for 2-3 days at an average load, the quad camera module produces really cool pictures, which, in good lighting and shooting in automatic mode, are difficult to distinguish from the photo from the flagship camera for 50-70 thousand rubles, and 6.5 -inch AMOLED – the display is so bright and contrasting that with such a short time it will become smartphone dependent. Therefore, if you buy yourself one, I recommend not to set the brightness to maximum, so as not to lose your head from such a juicy and attractive picture.

Are there any cooler smartphones on the market than the Galaxy A51? Definitely there is. But only in the price segment above 20 thousand rubles. I could say that Honor 20 can compete with it, but outwardly I like the A51 more, and the Chinese are more expensive even with super-discounts. Well, since Honor is now also out of favor with Google, which provides the manufacturer from the Celestial Empire with the update sources only with a scratch, and even then infrequently, the Galaxy A51 becomes an excellent contender for the purchase.

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