Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Many will soon be doing a simple exercise. We take a hammer in our right hand, put our feet shoulder-width apart, raise the hammer up and hit the piggy bank with it to get money out of it to buy a new Galaxy Note 20. Although, someone will do other exercises. Of course, all this is a joke, but many fans of the brand will really be ready to spend their savings on a smartphone, which will be expensive. Samsung Galaxy Note has never been cheap at all, and this year its price tag is likely to be just space. It can be presented for a long time, but now we have the first information that gives us an idea of ​​the real cost of this device.

Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This smartphone is getting closer, and the rumors are getting more interesting.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 be released

The novelty has not yet been released and we are waiting for it only on August 5, but we already know almost everything about it. A lot of leaks “burned” literally all the insides of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the rest of the series smartphones. We did not have normal information only about the price, but the time has come.

This year, three models should be presented in the lineup: the regular Galaxy Note 20 with 4G, the same regular one, but with 5G and the top-end Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, of course, with 5G. According to the source, the price for them will start at 999 euros in Europe (approximately 85,000 rubles). For this money, you will be offered a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 4G with 256 GB memory. The same smartphone with the same memory, but with 5G will cost 1099 euros (about 93,500 rubles). The price tag already draws on the title of a horse, although it saves a large amount of memory, but further more.

Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

It's interesting to see how Samsung stands out this time around.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price

If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, then in the euro area it will ask for 1349 euros for the version with 256 GB memory and 1449 euros for the version with 512 GB memory. In rubles, this will be approximately 115,000 rubles and approximately 123,000 rubles, respectively. Then you can relax a little and remember that the price of Samsung flagships is literally dropping before our eyes, starting almost from the first week. After two or three months, you can buy it for 15-20 percent, or even more, cheaper. And expensive accessories are often given to them as a gift.

These are not final prices yet and may differ in some countries due to local laws. However, it is upsetting the fact that initially there was information that the Korean company, on the contrary, will reduce prices this year in order to keep demand from the world economic crisis. It was reported that the price of smartphones will be $ 40-50 lower. For comparison, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 went on sale, its price tag in Europe started at 949 euros. That is, this year, it not only did not decrease, but increased by 50 euros (of course, if the leak is not lying).

Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

How can Samsung justify the price of an expensive smartphone this time around?

It is also frightening that some rumors say that polycarbonate will be used in the case of the novelty – in other words, plastic. I don't really believe in this, but if it happens, it will be a failure in terms of attitude towards clients. Even if not the entire back wall is made of it, but only the frame, it will be terrible. This is what OnePlus did in its new Nord, as proven by the drop test we wrote about yesterday, but this smartphone only costs $ 400 (not even euros).

What else will Samsung show on August 5

In addition to the price of the smartphones themselves, there is information regarding the cost of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. According to the same source, they will be sold for 189 euros (approximately 16,300 rubles). Given the traditional way for Samsung to distribute its new products, we can assume that these headphones will be sold at a significant discount or even be given as a gift when pre-ordering a Galaxy Note 20 smartphone.

According to the latest information, the company may show other gadgets at the presentation on August 5. Along with the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Buds Live series, it will most likely also release the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and the Galaxy Watch 3. However, it is possible that the company will “spread” new products in time to more news outlets and journalists wrote about Samsung more often, and at the same time, in order not to shock the fans of the brand with the need to spend money on several expensive devices at once.

Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung is also rumored to have antibacterial cases.

What the new Note will be

The main specification of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is that smartphones will run on Exynos 990 in Europe and India, and in the US they will receive Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. However, there is a possibility that the Ultra version will be able to boast the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, which was introduced a couple of weeks ago. This chipset is the first among mobile processors to step over the 3 GHz clock speed mark. If Ultra gets it, then everything will be logical – it must be different in some way.

With the Galaxy Note 20 series, the company will also introduce a new One UI 2.5 based on Android 10. According to the leaks, the shell may also offer users a lot of interesting things, but we will not know the details until next week. So let's be patient.

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