Where to find free online concerts of famous artists

In the editorial office, they sometimes tease me because I build phrases with the words “in our time” or “now, there was a time.” But now you cannot say otherwise. In our time, it is not so easy to go somewhere. Yes, this time is short and it will end in a month, two, three … Maybe more, but self-isolation and a pandemic will not last forever. Nevertheless, I want to have fun right now. But how to do this if you can't go to sports events, to cinemas and concerts? With the first, everything is clear – there are online cinemas. With sports, it is more difficult and fans can only revisit old events. But concerts began to actively come online. Today I will name several places where you can watch concerts of Russian and world stars without leaving your home. Brush the dust off your speakers, it's time to relax and have fun.

Where to find free online concerts of famous artists

A cool concert can be watched from home.

At the very beginning, I will briefly express my attitude to such a transition. I think this is very good, but only if it will not always be so. I have serious fears that the world will never be the same. For example, exhibitions and some types of work are under threat. Some of this is not needed and “cleaning” will only benefit, but almost certainly we will not return to the completely same world that was before the pandemic. Although, this is a topic for a separate conversation.

The good thing about concerts on the Web is that now it is one of the few ways to unwind at home. Gradually there are more of them, but they certainly will not be superfluous. For example, it is now very interesting to look into online museums. I myself have watched the concerts several times and am looking forward to new ones. Until then, I'll show you where you can watch them.

Where to watch concerts on the Internet

This is the case when there are concerts, both Russian and foreign. And then there are just a selection of home performances that look even more cozy, since you literally find yourself with the performer one on one.

Online concerts of Russian performers

Initially, I discovered online concerts when I heard about the BI-2 group concert on the OKKO platform. It was on a separate link without registration and payment, but it slowed down a little. Perhaps I had something with the connection, but, most likely, the service simply could not stand the influx of visitors.

Where to find free online concerts of famous artists

Now this concert is available on record, but I watched it online. And so with all the concerts on this service.

As a lover of Russian rock, I could not miss this concert, as well as the concert of Garik Sukachev and Sergei Galanin next week. Everything worked well this time. Apparently the problems have been resolved.

There are other concerts on the set that are available for viewing on record, and new artists perform live on Fridays. They sing and answer questions. In addition, like other services, including Kinopoisk, Megogo, ivi and the like, OKKO is now a free subscription. So they all fight for the viewer, so that later he will stay with this particular service.

Children's online concerts

The other day from one of the mailings I learned that a Smesharikov concert was being prepared. Of course, this is mainly interesting for children, but I decided to check who is broadcasting this concert and what else he has to offer. As a result, I went to Yandex Afisha. There is also a section “concerts” in which you can find a lot of interesting things.

Where to find free online concerts of famous artists

So this is just a studio, but if an eminent musician performs in it, everything becomes very interesting.

There are classical concerts, rock music, pop music and even recordings of performances on the radio, when some famous performer gives a concert in the broadcast studio. To be honest, it looks very unusual and interesting. Especially if you like this performer.

I really liked this idea. This, as in the case of rockers' concerts at OKKO, looks very home-like. The artist does not perform in front of a large audience, but simply for his own pleasure (even if he was paid). This is very encouraging.

Yandex will pamper the audience with a concert of the Little Big group. It will take place on April 11, 2020. It will be possible to find this concert in Yandex.Ether, but I cannot give a link yet. If you're interested, I think it won't be so difficult to find it closer to the date of the concert.

Classical music and opera online

If modern genres of music are not for you, or in general you love opera, there is a website for you where you can choose a classical concert. You can cite them one at a time, but it's easier to find something there yourself.

Where to find free online concerts of famous artists

These rooms are very expensive to visit. Connoisseurs of this art can now do it for free. True only online.

The best theaters in the world are offered to choose from. Among them are the Bolshoi Theater, Mariinsky Theater, Bavarian Opera, New York Metropolitan Opera, and much more. Almost all recordings of performances and concerts are free, however, some venues offer you to donate if you wish, but this is completely optional.

How to find a concert online

Some summing up of this article will be an option for those who do not want to search in total and find something separately. There is one service that allows you to find an online concert in the event feed.

Of course, this service contains not everything that you can watch and listen to without leaving your home, but a lot. And given the fact that everything is collected in a feed, it is very easy to search for an event. There are upcoming events and links to events that have already been, and they can be viewed in the recording.

If you love music, I advise you to check out some of the above. It is really very interesting, unusual and original. Moreover, you do not often see this. It just so happened that free performers perform even somehow more interesting than money. If you have good acoustics at home, you will definitely have fun.

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