Why key members of the Google Pixel team left the project

The Google Pixel has become a very popular smartphone, although it failed to gain the same popularity as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. Now the team of its creators has lost two very important people who made what they were responsible for in this smartphone, almost the best in the industry. When such people leave, and not one at a time, it means that something is wrong inside. And at the same time it promises big problems that will be difficult to solve. Is it worth worrying for those who wanted to buy this smartphone? Or you can relax, not worry and everything will be fine? In anticipation of the release of the new Google Pixel 4a, this information becomes the most interesting. Let's figure out what to expect.

Why key members of the Google Pixel team left the project

Google reshuffles are not as rare as they seem at first glance.

Google Pixel history

Before the Google Pixel, there were Nexus smartphones made by other brands, but also getting the first updates (updates Android and security updates). We're talking about the Google Pixel right now, so it's worth paying attention to. Moreover, this is the first smartphone to be officially branded by Google.

Unfortunately, despite the great interest of the public, Google Pixel smartphones have not been as widespread as Samsung, Apple and even Honor. All due to the fact that the company was never in a hurry to bring it to new markets, and the price only further frightened off. Smartphones with a “G” on the back have never been cheap. Except, perhaps, last year's Google Pixel 3a, which I consider to be the best device in its price range. And not so long ago, Google even decided to start selling it on their site, which made it even more attractive.

But Google Pixel smartphones have always been valued for their camera. Even with one module, they took gorgeous portraits and just great photos. In many ways, we should thank the processing algorithms for this, but also Mark Levoy, who had vast experience and was engaged in the creation of cameras in the company. The problem is that he was the one who left the company. And also Mario Queiroz.

Why key members of the Google Pixel team left the project

This man should be thankful for the Google Pixel cameras.

Key people leave Google

It is not yet clear why such important people for the Google Pixel project just took and left the team of creators.

Mark Levoy, as I said, was engaged in the development of cameras for smartphones and was able to make it the best in its class. Even in the Pixel 3a, the camera was simply awesome for its value. Mario Queiroz was actually number two in the team of smartphone creators. Such people don't just leave – it means that something has happened.

Perhaps the fact is that there is no significant growth in sales that a company with such a name could be proud of. Moreover, the Google Pixel 4 was criticized by many. Especially during the battery life. But is this a reason to remove key employees from the staff? It is quite possible that yes.

It is possible that it was Google's management who decided to shake up the division and somehow turn the tide, especially against the backdrop of a significant decline in the smartphone market as a whole.

At least late last year, the head of the hardware division, Rick Osterloch, voiced his dissatisfaction with the state of affairs with the company's smartphones.

Why key members of the Google Pixel team left the project

Google Pixel 3a can be called the best smartphone of the company in terms of price / quality ratio.

Is the Google Pixel important to Google

The launch of smartphones to market was supposed to show the world that Google can not only do Android, which is periodically criticized by the public, but can also create the perfect outfit for it in the form of a good smartphone.

It turns out with varying success, but it is this hardware that can show what Google is worth in comparison with Apple, because it is not for nothing that many people compare them due to the fact that both of them produce software and smartphones. True, Apple also has its own processors, which are created in conjunction with iOS. On the other hand, Snapdragon is also created only for Android.

Now, when the situation in the world is not very good, it is more important for a company than ever to release a good smartphone for little money. Perhaps that is why there have been many rumors that the company will switch to more affordable versions of Snapdragon, at the same time reducing the price, but almost without losing in performance. They also talked about the fact that she can start using Samsung processors. The main thing is that they establish a normal release of their Exynos.

Why key members of the Google Pixel team left the project

It is possible that Google will buy processors from Samsung. But it is not exactly.

Given that the release of the new Google Pixel 4a smartphone is delayed, it can be assumed that something really went wrong in the company, and the departure of important employees is connected with this. However, one should not reject the option in which the smartphone was really just held down due to delays Android 11. Although this is very unlikely. It was originally supposed to be shown on Google I / O, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus.

Let's see what the Google Pixel 4a looks like and if it comes out even later. Based on this, it will be possible to draw more informed conclusions. Two things can be said almost exactly. First, there will be a Google Pixel 4a. Secondly, the company would not just hold on to it, when Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8 and a fresh iPhone SE are sold all over the world, which will be the main competitor for this year's available pixel.

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