Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

The coming week was not as rich in events as the last one, but there is still something to talk about. For example, this week Telegram finally made a name for itself, which rolled out a cool update with new features available only on Android. Also this week there was a new beta Android 11 and it became clear that installing applications via APKs will become more difficult than before. Let's discuss what the new products bring us, and why Google decided to make life so difficult for some users. We'll also talk about some other news of the week. The traditional Sunday news release will help us with this. Let's go!

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

This week was remembered not only by Telegram updates.

Google released beta Android 11. What's new?

Google is one of the companies most affected by the coronavirus. After all, it was because of him that the search giant had to cancel the Google I / O conference, which traditionally takes place in May, postpone the launch of Google Pixel 4a and shift the release dates Android 11, since the developers simply did not have time to finish the update. However, when everything seemed to be settled and Google set a date for the start of the beta testing program Android 11, riots broke out in the United States, and the company again postponed the update – this time indefinitely. Therefore, it is very strange that the launch took place almost two days earlier than originally planned.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Google refused to release beta Android 11 on June 3rd. Therefore, I released it on the 2nd

This week Google released the first beta version Android 11. It is important to understand that we are talking about the beta version, and not a preliminary build for developers, which was called Developer Preview and, firstly, was not like that stable, and, secondly, did not contain all the planned innovations. So far, only owners of Google Pixel smartphones can install a test build. This is due to the fact that third-party manufacturers, who will be allowed to participate in the program, have not yet managed to adapt the update for their devices and it is not yet known when they will do it.

Android 11 can be installed by owners of the following Google Pixel models:

  • Pixel 2/2 XL
  • Pixel 3/3 XL
  • Pixel 3a / 3a XL
  • Pixel 4/4 XL

If you are the owner of one of the compatible models, in order to participate in the beta testing program Android 11, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to the official Google beta site;
  • Log in with your Google account (while registration is not available in all countries);
  • In the window that opens, find a device that can register in the program;

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

After registering for the beta program, simply search for updates

  • Confirm your intention to register for the beta testing program;
  • Run 'Settings' on your smartphone and go to the section with software update;
  • Search for updates and install the latest beta build.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

In Android 11, the power button menu appeared with the possibility of wide adjustment

As expected, the first beta Android 11 introduced quick access to Google Pay with the ability to hot swap bank cards. However, if desired, users will be able to customize the action that will be performed by double-clicking on the smartphone's power button. Google has developed an entire menu where you can choose either the Google Pay interface or the emergency menu, from where you can share your medical record, turn off biometrics and call emergency services if the situation really urgent.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

App suggestions are a very handy feature

For the convenience of users, a section with frequently used applications has appeared in the interface Android 11. Neural networks will automatically analyze your preferences and make a list of the most popular programs, marking them on the desktop. Judging by the description of the innovation, the system will conduct a continuous analysis of user behavior, offering him the most relevant software depending on the usage scenarios. For example, if you send pictures to the messenger immediately after taking a photo, then Android 11 will offer to launch the messenger.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Playback on Android can be controlled in the background

Controlling playback in Android 11 will be easier and faster than before, thanks to a separate widget that can be added to the notification shade. The widget – of course, after enabling it – will appear regardless of the content being played and the application in which it is played. This can be a YouTube video, a Spotify music track, or a Google Podcasts podcast. Thus, it will be convenient to control background playback without having to launch the application and perform the necessary manipulations in its interface.

  • Scoped Storage mechanism, which will divide memory into many independent segments so that applications cannot claim each other's data;
  • Built-in swipeable screenshot function to capture the entire web page;
  • An advanced night theme that can automatically turn on and off based on information about daylight hours and the movement of the sun along the horizon;
  • Project Mainline modular architecture for distributing monthly security updates via Google Play;
  • Incoming notification history

It is not entirely clear at the moment whether the launch of the first beta version Android 11 is trial or random. The fact is that while the number of users who got access to the update is quite small, and in Russia, the registration page for the beta testing program is completely inaccessible to draw final conclusions. But given that Google did not stop the distribution of the test build Android 11 and did not try to withdraw it, there is a chance that everything was as planned. True, why, in this case, it was necessary to publish an official statement of apology and notification of the postponement of the update launch for an indefinite period is not clear.

Google will make it harder to install APK in Android 11

Android has always differed from iOS in openness and omnivorousness. If iPhone allowed downloading software only from the official catalog, then smartphones based on the OS from Google accepted any applications from anywhere. This allowed users to save a lot by downloading hacked versions of paid programs Android completely free of charge. So what if there is a risk of running into some Trojan? After all, the main thing is that you didn't have to spend money. And the antivirus will cope with trojans. So, at least, many users thought. But Google decided that this casts a shadow on its reputation and everything needs to be changed urgently.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

With the release of Android 11, installing the APK will get a little harder.

Google plans to make it more difficult to install APKs for third-party applications with the release of Android 11. New mechanisms to prevent installation have already appeared in the test version of the update, but initially the testers did not attach much importance to this. Then they turned to Google with a request to fix the 'bug', but the company said that the operating system interacts with software from third-party sources exactly as the developers intended. Therefore, no changes are expected.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Installing APKs is more dangerous than regular Google Play apps.

According to testers, any attempt to install the APK results in Android warning of the danger of this action. But if earlier the user was allowed to simply agree that all responsibility from the moment the application was loaded from an unknown source falls on him, now everything happens a little differently. The system warns that installing the APK can be dangerous, asking for permission to continue, and then unloading the application through which the installation is made from memory.

Simply put, if you downloaded the APK in Chrome and installed it from the browser storage, the operating system will force a reload and force you to repeat the entire process again. Only then will you be allowed to complete the installation. Really looks like a bug. However, according to Google, this is an absolutely regular process, which stems from the peculiarities of the Scoped Storage mechanism, which creates a separate memory cell for each application. That is, in fact, it is a kind of protective mechanism that protects user data from disclosure.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Can't install the APK? This is Google opposing.

Despite the fact that so far Android 11 is still far from iOS, which generally does not allow installing software from third-party sources, it is obvious that everything is gradually moving towards this. Google understands that the practice of installing applications from outside of Google Play is harmful to Google itself. Indeed, in this way, firstly, users suffer who periodically stumble upon various kinds of Trojans, which in turn creates Android the reputation of a problematic OS. And, secondly, if users download software from outside of Google Play, Google loses money from sales commissions.

Is this the right way? I think so. No matter what conventionally advanced users say, who are not fed with bread, let me download the hacked software from unreliable sources, it will benefit the operating system. Still, most people use Google Play to download new applications. And there, as you know, the risk of stumbling upon malware is tens, if not hundreds of times lower than when using independent resources, where enthusiasts are free to load any software without prior quality control.

Huawei released EMUI 10.1. What's new?

Despite the fact that Huawei does not have to wage war with anyone in the literal sense of the word, all of its activities now very much resemble a partisan movement. Deprived of the opportunity to use the full version Android, the Chinese company is forced to look for workarounds in order to give its customers the opportunity to use quality products. She does not always succeed in this, however, it is pointless to argue that Huawei at least tries. An excellent example of this is the intermediate firmware update EMUI, the distribution of which has already begun.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

EMUI 10.1 is out now. True, so far only the Chinese can download it.

EMUI 10.1, which Huawei announced at the end of March, is finally out. The first wave of distribution of the update will include more than 30 devices under the brands Huawei and Honor. Most of them are smartphones from 2019-2020, but there are also earlier devices, including tablet computers. First, the update will be received by Chinese users, and then, after a while, it will reach the owners of compatible devices from other countries, regardless of whether they support Google services or work on the basis of Huawei Mobile Services.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Huawei plans to update at least 36 of their smartphones and tablets

Smartphones Huawei: Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro, Huawei P30 / P30 Pro, Huawei Nova 6, Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro, Huawei Nova 5, Huawei Enjoy 10S, Huawei Mate X, Huawei Mate Xs.

Smartphones Honor: Honor 9X / 9X Pro, Honor 20 Youth Edition, Honor V30 / V30 Pro, Honov View 20, Honor Magic 2, Honor 20/20 Pro, Honor 20S.

Tablets Huawei: Huawei MediaPad Pro, MediaPad M6 10.8 ”, MediaPad M6 8.4”, MediaPad M6 Turbo Edition.

EMUI 10.1 (Magic UI 10.1 – for some smartphones Honor) is based on Android 10. That is, all the changes that appeared in the update are our own development Huawei . Why all this was needed is easy to understand. Right now, the company is focusing on reducing Google's impact on its operations, probably by testing whether it can grow its operating system, even if it is built on top of Android. After all, what difference does it make to what the original platform is number if the proprietary firmware Huawei keeps updating, acquiring new features and getting better?

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

EMUI 10.1 is a very large-scale update, given the number of innovations

  • Celia voice assistant support (works with English, French, Spanish; Russian support coming soon)
  • MeeTime video call service (analogous to Duo from Google and FaceTime from Apple, but with the ability to show the screen to the interlocutor and make some notes)
  • Deep integration with computers Huawei (the ability to make calls directly from a computer, remotely interact with files without downloading them to a smartphone, etc.)
  • Drag & Drop support (allows you to transfer files from one application to another with a drag-and-drop gesture; works in Split View mode)
  • Interface changes (animation slowdown when scrolling, the ability to quickly launch Split View from the side window, floating windows)
  • Extended support for Huawei Share technology (analogue of AirDrop from Apple, compatible not only with branded devices Huawei, but also with third-party peripherals, for example, printers, scanners, etc. etc.)
  • Universal gallery for smartphones, tablets and computers Huawei, united by an account Huawei ID and a cloud where all media files can be stored.

Huawei does not indicate when EMUI 10.1 will be released in Russia, however, given that work on firmware versions for different countries is being carried out simultaneously, it is likely that by mid-June we will receive the long-awaited update. It will be especially interesting to look at the Celia voice assistant, which will replace the Google Assistant on smartphones Huawei without Google services. The main thing is that the Chinese do not delay the localization into Russian, because, otherwise, no one will use the new product here.

Telegram has been updated with new features for Android

Telegram is my main means of communication with family, friends and colleagues at work. Therefore, every time the messenger developers publish another update, I always read the list of innovations with a sinking heart – have you suddenly added something like that? Indeed, as a rule, Pavel Durov's wards do not waste their time on trifles, trying to release updates only if they really have something to please users. The update was no exception, and also brought a number of exclusive features to the Android version of Telegram.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Telegram for Android received a major update

The photo editor, which appeared in Telegram back in 2015 and allowed to improve the quality of photos, add pictures, emoji and text to them before sending, received an expanded range of features and learned how to process videos. Now users can adjust the brightness and contrast of the videos, add captions, zoom in on certain objects in the frame and dilute them with animated stickers.

  • To edit a video, open a chat with the person you want to send the video to and click on a paperclip;
  • Record a video and the standard interface for processing videos that appears after the update will open in front of you;

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Telegram video can be edited the way you like

  • Select the icons at the bottom of the screen to adjust: the far left allows you to change the resolution, the middle one – add a sticker or text, and the far right – adjust the contrast, brightness, or just improve the quality;
  • Here you can also slightly tweak the color correction of the video, for example, by applying a b / w filter or converting it to sepia.

After installing the Telegram update, users will be able to add animated stickers to any photo. This way you can dilute a boring shot, making it a little more fun. For example, if you are sitting at home in self-isolation and do not know how to entertain yourself, you can take a picture of yourself at the table, and in post-production you can plant an animated duck or panda next to it. In general, everything is limited only by your imagination. But keep in mind: after editing, the picture will automatically change the format and turn from JPG or PNG to GIF.

  • Open Telegram, go to the chat with the interlocutor to whom you want to send a photo, and press a paperclip;
  • Take a photo and in the editing interface select the brush icon;

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

You can add stickers to any photo in Telegram

  • In the window that opens, click on the sticker icon and select the desired sticker;
  • Place it anywhere in the photo, save it, and confirm the sending to the interlocutor.

The developers have worked on the folders. Despite the convenience of this division, adding new chats to existing tabs was not so convenient. To do this, you had to follow the settings and make the necessary adjustments there. Now you can just hold your finger on the selected chat and send it to the desired folder. Similarly, you can delete chats from the folder if you decide that they no longer belong there. Thus, it is very convenient to send chats from one folder to another on the go.

Cool Telegram update for Android and complications from Google: results of the week

Telegram for Android received several exclusive innovations

In addition, specifically for Android, a number of new mechanisms and interface functions were developed to facilitate the use of Telegram:

  • Now, when watching a video with a text description, you can swipe down on the text so that it does not overlap the content of the video, and hide it or reopen it entirely with a swipe up;
  • When sending, editing and deleting messages, new smooth animations appeared, very similar to those in iOS;
  • All videos that are less than 30 seconds long will play in a loop until the user stops playing;
  • The section for cleaning unnecessary files has been updated (Settings – Data and memory – Memory usage), where you can make sure that the application does not take up extra space;
  • There is an improved panel with GIF selections that you have used before, making it easier to find the most popular animations.

Download Telegram for Android

As you can see, there are really a lot of innovations. Therefore, if you have not yet installed the latest Telegram update, but you are an active user of this messenger, I highly recommend updating. The update is already available in all countries of the world, where the messenger is available officially (and unofficially, by the way, too), spreading through Google Play, from where it can be downloaded for free.

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