Google teaches 'Google Lens' for Android to solve math problems

One of the most underrated Google services, in my opinion, is Google Lens, or in our opinion 'Google Lens'. Most likely, illiterate positioning affects, because of which some users consider this product useless, and some have not heard about it at all. Meanwhile, it is an extremely intelligent thing, the range of functionality of which is not limited only to the recognition of objects that fall into the frame. It's a much more versatile service that can help you and your kids in a wide variety of scenarios.

Google teaches 'Google Lens' for Android to solve math problems

Google Lens will soon learn to solve math problems

Google is working on teaching Google Lens to solve math problems and equations using a smartphone. All that is required from the user is to point the camera of the smartphone running the 'Lens' at an example, scan it and get the result in the same second. Artificial intelligence is equally good at recognizing both printed text and – as we have already found out – written text. The only requirement is that the handwriting of the writer is more or less accurate, because otherwise the recognition may occur incorrectly or not at all.

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Google teaches 'Google Lens' for Android to solve math problems

Google Lens will have a special mode for solving math examples

Problem solving is not a side function of 'Google Lens'. For this, Google has specially added a corresponding mode to the application called 'Education' Activating it will enable the recognition of mathematical examples and equations and activate the algorithms that deal with the solution. At the same time, as noted, 'Google Lens' is not just looking for an answer on the Internet, but exactly what solves it. This avoids mistakes and speeds up the whole process, although, of course, an Internet connection is still required for the solution.

Now the function of solving mathematical problems is in the testing stage, and therefore, firstly, it is not available to all users, and, secondly, so far it is able to solve only simple examples. That is, if Google Lens has no problems with multiplication, subtraction, division and addition, then it is unlikely to cope with solving quadratic equations or logarithms at this stage. However, it is clear that in the future Google will expand the mathematical capabilities of the service and allow it to perform more complex calculations than multiplying 2 by 2.

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Google teaches 'Google Lens' for Android to solve math problems

Google Lens will soon solve complex equations

A likely Google Lens upgrade is indicated by compatibility with services such as MathPapa, WolframAlpha and Cymath. All these are educational platforms, two of which are focused on mathematics, algebra, geometry and higher mathematics. Therefore, if Google syncs them more deeply with its service, there is a good chance that Google Lens will be able to start solving something more difficult. This will help both schoolchildren and students who are faced with problems in computing and finding a solution.

To be honest, older people may not like what Google has to offer. They say that children should independently learn to solve problems in order to develop knowledge, skills and keep their brains in good shape. However, I think times have changed a lot, and problem solving can become as meaningless a thing as, say, spelling. After all, now almost all correspondence is conducted by means of a computer, all documents are submitted in a typewritten format, and signatures have long been electronic. So why, then, waste years on things that people may not be useful in the future? In this sense, math problems are no exception, and it's good that Google understands this.

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