How to transfer photos and videos from phone to memory card?

Transfer photo to memory card If the internal memory of the phone is already full, the right solution is to transfer user files (photos, videos, pictures, music) to the microSD card. This frees up your phone and makes it faster.

Transferring files to a memory card

  1. Insert the memory card into an empty slot on your phone.
  2. Open File Explorer -> Photos and select the photo and video files you want to transfer to the memory card. Select photo
  3. Click “Move” and select SD card or Google Drive (if you use it as a cloud storage of files) – they give 15 GB of space for free, photos without restrictions. Move to SD card
  4. Select a folder (or create a new one) where you want to transfer your files and click the “Insert” button. Insert files

Now let's set up where the photos and videos taken with the phone camera will be saved by default. We will also install an SD memory card.

Let's go to Settings – About phone – Storage (Device memory) and select “Memory settings” as a place to save data.

Memory settings

Here we select the camera and gallery in turn and indicate the option “External storage, SD card”.

External storage

Please note that if there is no memory card in the phone, all files will be saved in the internal memory of the phone.

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If there is no memory card in the phone

Especially for those users who do not have microSD card support in their phone. You can transfer all photos and videos to your PC via cable.

We connect the cable to the phone and computer. In the phone, in the notification panel, select the USB operating mode – File transfer.

File transfer

Then your phone will be detected on the PC as a separate disk (portable device). Open it -> Internal storage. We need the DCIM -> Camera folder. Move all photos and videos to your computer.

Move files to PC

If the folder where the photos and videos are moved already contains files with the same name, you will be prompted to: Rename files, Replace with new ones or skip copying.

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Video: how to transfer files from phone to memory card

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