Route access to Android Lenovo

By purchasing the company's ultra-modern gadget Lenovo, along with it we get a lot of system applications built by the developer, which are not always necessary. Of course, you can't remove them from the device 'out of the box', but they eat up a lot of resources and annoy with constant updates. Then we are looking for options. And there is only one – to get root-rights to Android to Lenovo, giving full access to the operating system. In fact, the user gets the administrator's capabilities with all the benefits.

Route access to Android Lenovo


Using root, it is easy to expand the functionality of the OS Android. The user gets the right, more precisely, the ability to edit, change / modify and delete system files, change processor performance, module settings, audio and video parameters, activate hidden functions, etc. etc. There are so many advantages that it is called the superuser.

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Superuser rights on Lenovo

The latest models of gadgets from the Taiwanese company Lenovo have proven the high quality of this manufacturer's products. However, root rights for Android 6 to Lenovo may still be needed. Like the models of most other brands, these devices can cause complaints from active users. At least the autonomy and performance of the processors will never be enough, no matter how perfect Lenovo.

You can raise the capabilities using a simple procedure for obtaining a root. For this, software methods are used – both with the help of a computer, and without it. Some of the most powerful solutions include Baidu Root, Frammaroot, and Kingo Root. In principle, rooting Lenovo is no different from the generally accepted procedure for everyone Android.

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Root access with Frammaroot

The utility allows you to easily cope with the task on Lenovo without a personal computer. Of course, there is no point in looking for it on Google Play. It is available on the developer's website, forums and specialized resources, and is distributed completely free of charge.

Before the procedure, you should check whether the device is compatible with the program. This can be done on the developer's site. Unfortunately, the latest version 1.9.3 still supports Android no higher than 5.0. The solution is complex: when installed on the device, the SuperUser and SuperSu programs are mounted.

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Detailed instructions

Nevertheless, the utility allows you to quickly and easily resolve the issue if you follow these instructions:

  1. Disable antivirus. Any such program is perceived by them as harmful and blocked. It is also recommended to save important data.
  2. In the settings Lenovo, allow installation from external sources.
  3. Download and install Framaroot to internal memory.
    Installing Framaroot on internal memory
  4. Open the application and select one of the programs – Superuser or SuperSU. The second is usually used.
  5. Choose a way to get root. For devices on the MTK chip, the Boromir character is recommended, in other cases it is better to use Gandalf.
    Choosing a way to get root
  6. Wait for a message about the successful completion of the operation.
    Success messages
  7. Reload the gadget.

If everything went well, the program is no longer needed and you can uninstall it.

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With Kingo Root

This method is also effective, but requires connecting to a PC with special software installed on it, although there is a version of the program for Android on the developer's official website. There is also a Russian version of the site.

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The method is simple, but it requires care. To root Lenovo on Android using Kingo Root, you need to:

  1. Download and install the utility on a computer under OS Windows.
  2. On Lenovo enter the 'Security' section (in the settings) and select the installation from unknown sources. In the Developer Options section, find the USB Debugging item and check the box next to it.
    USB debugging
  3. Launch Kingo Root on your computer and connect your gadget to it using a USB cable.
    Launch Kingo Root on your computer
  4. The program itself will find and install the necessary drivers. If this does not happen, they need to be downloaded from the official website of the company Lenovo. After installing the drivers and determining the device by the program, the 'ROOT' button will appear at the bottom of the program window, which must be pressed.
    'ROOT' button
  5. The utility will try different ways to root and possibly download additional files. In the process, you cannot disconnect the gadget from the computer, and it is also not recommended to work with it. At the end of the program, the smartphone or tablet under control Android will reboot.

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Check for root rights to Lenovo

Sometimes it happens that everything went through, it seems to be fine, but root is not obtained. The fact is that, starting with Android 4.3 and higher, the compulsory access control system Se Linux is implemented at the kernel level. After getting root the first time the device is booted, it modifies (corrupts) the su binaries and thus prevents rooting. In these cases, only the firmware with the installed superuser rights helps.

There are two ways to check if root is there:

  • Using the file manager. If a su file appears in the system partition / system / xbin, root is obtained.
  • With the help of special applications. Utilities such as Root Checker or Terminal Emulator determine the presence / absence of root themselves.

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Removing rooted rights c Lenovo

Having received superuser privileges, you can sometimes find that they do not solve the assigned tasks or even interfere with the normal operation of the device. More often, you have to give up root rights due to the need to preserve the warranty on the device. In this case, root may need to be removed so that not even a hint of its presence remains on the device.

There are the following ways to solve the problem:

  1. Using the software used when getting root.
  2. Manually – thanks to ES File Explorer, Root Browser or X-Plore File Manager.
  3. Through the SuperSU program.

If after the firmware there are problems with use or functionality Lenovo, it is recommended to use a full system reset to factory settings. Re-flashing or upgrading the system will also lead to root being dropped.

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How to get Root on the phone Lenovo A2010: Video

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