Root to Android HTC

More recently, smartphones of the brand HTC were considered one of the most advanced on the market. These are quite beautiful, reliable and high-performance devices that can cope with a task of almost any complexity in any situation. But also not cheap. The quality of the devices of the Taiwanese grandee did not displease anyone, but even with all their advanced characteristics and capabilities, many users considered it useful to get root-rights to Android on HTC. This is how the consumer works – he always wants better and more.

Root to Android HTC

What are root rights

Root rights are the account of the main administrator, or, as it is also called, the superuser. At Android they are not provided at the software level by default. Initially, the system does not provide such a function, but sometimes access to the root folders is required, and it can be obtained using certain manipulations with the system.

Having received a profile or account with advanced features, the user gains a lot of privileges that are not available on the device out of the box. It can delete applications installed by the developer, enable additional and disable existing functions, overclock the processor or battery, and much more is available to it.

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How to get root on HTC

The manufacturer protects the system very well, so the procedure for obtaining root on the NTS is considered one of the most difficult.

However, like other gadgets running the Andriod OS, smartphones and tablets from the Taiwanese manufacturer can be rooted using software methods. There are two methods available to the user:

  • Using a computer.
  • Using programs on the device.

The first is more reliable for NTS, therefore it is used most often. Experts use the installation of ClockworkMod Recovery, followed by flashing the archive and rebooting Android. Well, for ordinary users, simpler methods are more suitable. ADB RUN, SunShine and 360 ROOT programs are very effective, simplifying the process to a minimum.

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Using 360 ROOT

This is one application that can root a new NTS in just a couple of clicks. Developed by the well-known Chinese company Qihoo 360, which pays great attention to its own reputation. Perhaps this is why the probability of successfully rooting with 60 ROOT is over 90%.

The application supports more than half a thousand brands and about ten thousand models of gadgets, including those under the latest OS versions Android. But it requires working with a computer and knowledge of the Chinese language. Don't be alarmed, the interface, although in Chinese, is downright simple.

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Detailed instructions

So, in order to get superuser privileges on NTS using 360 ROOT, you must:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection – both your smartphone and your PC. The gadget should be well charged and the computer connected to a power source. Beforehand, it is recommended to save important data of the smartphone on a flash drive or PC.
  2. Install HTC Sync or a driver package for a specific smartphone / tablet model on your computer.
  3. Prepare a working USB cable and connect both devices with it.
  4. Enable 'USB debugging' mode on Android. It is also recommended that you disable the function to prevent downloading from third-party sources. Antivirus can also be temporarily disabled.
  5. Download the latest version of the 360 ​​Root app to your computer.
    Latest version of 360 Root app
  6. After starting, find the application in the computer menu and open it.
  7. Approve the user agreement.
  8. Find and press the 'ROOT' button in the window that opens.
    Press the 'ROOT' button in the window that opens

In the process, Android may reboot, and when the operation is over, a message will appear stating that it successfully got root.

Successful root message

The mobile version of the application will be installed on the NTS, which should not be deleted, otherwise the root will disappear.

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Removing root rights

You can get rid of root on HTC in the following ways:

  1. Manually using the file manager. Any Play Market with advanced features will do.
  2. Software with the help of special software. The utilities can be found online at specialized sites and forums. Some are presented on the official websites of the developers.

In the first case, you need to do the following:

  1. Find and delete the .su file in the systembin and systemxbin folders.
  2. Reboot the device.

The method works great if the stock (official) unmodified firmware is installed. Otherwise, after the first reboot of the gadget, the rights are partially returned. By the way, the new firmware completely removes the traces of root, as well as the OS update.

In the second case, special programs are used.

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Superuser. Getting Root rights for example HTC One: Video

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