How to buy a $ 400 Galaxy Fold and get the money. Escobar Fold's main secret revealed

The Escobar Fold 2, which Pablo Escobar's brother's company sold for $ 400, turned out to be a real Galaxy Fold, covered with shiny films with the logo of the new brand. But do not rush to rejoice. After all, you most likely will not be able to get this smartphone, because Escobar Inc. does not actually sell them. For many, including us, this was obvious from the very beginning, but at that time we had only indirect evidence of the dishonesty of the relatives of the famous drug lord. Now the popular YouTube blogger Marquez Brownlee has put an end to this issue.

How to buy a $ 400 Galaxy Fold and get the money.  Escobar Fold's main secret revealed

Escobar Fold is a scam, now for sure

According to Brownlee, when he heard of the launch of the first Escobar Fold and its price tag of $ 349, he placed the order with little hope of success. Needless to say, the blogger never received the device, and in his personal account, the order status was set to 'Assembly', but did not change after a month, or two, or three. Despite this, Escobar Inc. launched the second generation Escobar Fold, priced at $ 50 more than the previous one. Brownlee paid for it too, but this time he called himself a different name. The result was the same.

How to buy Escobar Fold

Then Brownlee wrote on Twitter that he paid for both generations of Escobar Fold, but did not receive a single order, noting that he did not recommend anyone to contact Escobar Inc. The same evening, representatives of the company contacted the blogger. They clarified that it is not possible to send him the original Escobar Fold due to the depletion of stock. However, they can send a second generation instead. Surprisingly, the Escobar Fold 2, on the first order, still got to Brownlee, allowing us to have a look at it.

As you can see, the scope of delivery of the smartphone is rather meager and, in addition to itself, includes only a charging cable. They didn’t put a cover, no headphones, not even a power supply. But the entire device was packed in gold films with the Escobar Inc. brand logo, under which there are signs of the real origin of the device. Apparently, the relatives of the notorious drug lord do not assemble the Escobar Fold 2 from the Galaxy Fold components on their own, as they claimed in press releases, but disguises itself as a Samsung retail device. True, it is not very clear where in this case the accompanying accessories go, of which there are quite a few in the original delivery set.

What's wrong with Escobar Fold

Despite the fact that Escobar Fold 2 managed to be spotted by many bloggers and famous people, this does not change anything. It is quite clear that Escobar Inc. Is a fraudulent project aimed at fraudulently extracting money from people who are eager to get a foldable smartphone for next to nothing. There are several pieces of evidence for this:

  • Escobar Inc. registered in Sweden, and its staff consists of two people;
  • The Escobar Inc. website that sells smartphones is not affiliated with any payment system, offering customers to pay for purchases by bank transfer;
  • You will not find a single random person who would receive Escobar Fold – they are either tech bloggers or former movie or pop stars who have nothing to lose and they advertise all kinds of game.

If you have not understood yet, then I will repeat once again: do not try to order Escobar Fold, because this is a scam. Even Marquez Brownlee got his copy only after Escobar Inc. anti-advertising on Twitter, and even then – only on the order that I placed in my name. On the second order, the smartphone never reached it, and is unlikely to reach it. Moral: there is no freebie.

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