How Apple made Samsung make wireless charging more affordable

I am sure that many of those who have the ability to charge the phone wirelessly do not. But, as the activity of our readers in the comments shows, many would like to receive it when they do not have it. Such an ambiguous thing turns out. Personally, I have recently been constantly using wireless charging – I have them literally everywhere, even in the car. Samsung is realizing that users are gradually arriving at this convenience and is preparing to equip its low-cost phones with QI. She was largely influenced by Apple. Few people noticed this in due time, but it really is. There is simply no other explanation.

How Apple made Samsung make wireless charging more affordable

Wireless charging is very convenient.

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Now there is a too obvious drop in demand for flagships, which leads to the fact that new expensive devices are almost not sold. Against their background, some inexpensive models seem not interesting enough to users and they prefer not to change anything and continue to use their devices.

As a result, this leads to the fact that many manufacturers lose a lot of money in this recession. But it is somehow necessary to deal with this state of affairs and it is necessary to make decisions on the transfer of top technologies to the budget segment.

The Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones is the company's most popular lineup at the moment. First of all, this became possible due to the excellent price-quality ratio. It looks like it can become even more interesting and in demand literally in the very near future.

Samsung plans to expand its wireless charging presence to more affordable A series phones to stay competitive, according to a new report from The Elec.

At the moment, only the more advanced Galaxy A90 model with Snapdragon 855 chipset and the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series support wireless charging. However, people familiar with the matter told The Elec that Samsung may soon introduce the feature to the more affordable Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 lines.

How Apple made Samsung make wireless charging more affordable

So far, only this relatively cheap Samsung can boast wireless charging.

This can happen on phones following the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G as even these two do not support wireless charging. If this does happen, it will be very good news for everyone, not just Samsung buyers. Most likely, this will spur other manufacturers to keep up with the times and offer similar solutions.

That is, with a high degree of probability, we can say that the wireless charging function will appear in the models of the Samsung Galaxy A line of 2021 model year. So when can you expect wireless charging on more affordable Samsung phones? Considering that they should be shown at the end of 2020, the wait is already quite short. Even though I'm not a fan of Samsung, even I would be interested in such a “gift” from the company. The main thing is that the price of these smartphones does not rise so much that it will be easier to buy the Galaxy S 20, which will become even cheaper by that time.

Samsung may reportedly strike a deal on wireless charging modules with South Korean company Hansol Technics or Amotech. India's Chemtronics, which supplied wireless charging systems for the Galaxy S20, is also clearly on the Korean giant's list of interests. In any case, the company has yet to negotiate a reduction in the cost of the modules.

This isn't the first time we've heard Samsung is expanding its wireless charging presence to cheaper phones. This information first surfaced back in 2018, when Samsung confirmed it was working to close the gap between mid-range and premium phones. While the Galaxy A series already pretty much takes this into account, Samsung's increase in efforts won't be in vain when you consider the Pixel 4a and OnePlus Z on the horizon. What they will be is still unknown, but we have known for more than a month what iPhone SE second generation is.

How Apple made Samsung make wireless charging more affordable

This smartphone is not very expensive, but it does have wireless charging.

How Apple Affected Samsung

When the iPhone second-generation SE came out, few people noticed that it had wireless charging. Even those who knew about it, either praised its price and performance processor, or criticized the single camera module and outdated design.

But Apple then acted damn wise. She released a smartphone that was way and much cheaper than her flagships, but had all the main directions of development. He was like a younger brother in a large family. Younger, but dear.

In the end, the company showed that it wants everyone to have wireless charging, no matter how much the smartphone costs. This is very appealing and it feels like Samsung wants to repeat something like this.

Plus, the iPhone second-generation SE costs $ 400. Few can boast of such a thing. This is also the element of competition that pushed Samsung towards the decision described above.

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