Programs for launching Android games on PC

Connecting Android to PC Many people using Android, due to the small diagonal of the screens, would probably like to install games from this operating system on a computer. There are many such applications, due to the enormous computing power of a personal computer, none of the games will ever slow down. This article will discuss more than one program for launching Android games on a PC.

Programs for launching Android games on PC: Video

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Game console emulators for Android

There are many software products that emulate all the functions of a computer shell. We will cover the main ones:

  1. The first one is known to everyone who develops or tried to develop their applications for Android. This is the official software package.

    Android SDK

  2. Second Blue Stacks. Versions available for Windows and MacOS. After installation, the application will show the games available for installation. The interface is very simple and everyone can understand it. There is a possibility of synchronization with a portable gadget.
  3. The third is Genymotion. Link to the official website. There is a paid and free version of the utility. To download the free one, you need to create an account by going to the above link. The possibilities of even this version are enough for a home user. After the software has been downloaded, you need to launch it and create a new virtual device (gadgets on Android will be offered to choose from). After pressing the 'Play' button, almost all the possibilities of the mobile shell will become available, including the installation of games.

    Genymotion App

  4. The fourth application in our review is Windroy. It was created by a group of Chinese enthusiasts, and it differs from the above programs in that it is essentially not just a shell emulator, but a full-fledged porting of the platform. It uses almost 100% of the system core of the computer and is fast. True, it often freezes, however, developers are constantly releasing new, more steel versions. To install, you need to download the installer on your PC and load it into the root folder of the C drive. Set the necessary settings and start the process. The utility has one more difference – it opens in full screen.

    Windroy program

  5. The last program is You Wave. For many users, only this emulator is fully launched. It practically does not load the operating system and is very stable.

    You Wave app

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How to play Android games on a computer: Video

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Possible problems

From the above, you can understand that applications Android on a PC are quite easy to run. However, sometimes problems can arise. They are primarily associated with the incorrect installation of the described utilities or insufficient computer power (for emulation, you have to spend huge resources).

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How to run games Android on PC: Video

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