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Instagram on Android Instagram … Perhaps, the service that allows you to easily share with your friends photos of your life is known to every owner of modern devices. And, if you are not an active photoblogger, who uploads every moment of your life to the global network, then, most likely, you are a fan of gawking at what a friend, girlfriend, neighbor, boss, colleague is doing so interesting in life.

But before you start your journey into the world of mobile photography, you will have to install Instagram on your gadget and, at least, register with the popular service.

Installing the application Instagram

The client of the service we are considering is completely free and available here.

Selecting the application you want Selecting the application you want

If you do not want to use the link suggested above, enter the name of the program you are interested in (“Instagram”) in the special search line (the magnifying glass icon) and click the “Search” button.

App search App search

The official Instagram client, as a rule, will be in the first lines of the list that appears. Open the application page and, agreeing to grant it the specified permissions, install the program in the memory of your gadget.

Program installation Program installation

At this point, the process of installing the client of the Instagram service can be considered complete. Now let's get down to the most important thing! Creating a new account.

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How to set Instagram to Android: Video

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Registration in the service Instagram

On specialized forums, there is an opinion that registering on Instagram from Android is a huge problem. Nothing like this! Just read our instructions one by one and do not ignore the messages that the program gives you during the registration process. So, let's launch our application.

Instagram launch Instagram launch

The welcome screen offers us two options for creating an account: using a social network Facebook and also using email. How to register in Instagram on Android in the first way?

registration registration

Choose from the above options the item “Register via Facebook” and grant the application the necessary rights. Please note that very often when registering on Instagram in the first way, an error of the following type appears. It is not critical at all. It's just that your profile photo Facebook has parameters that differ from the standards accepted on the Instagram network. You can change your profile picture at any time in the settings of the described mobile client.

Profile photo Profile photo

Then the client will independently “read” your personal data from the “graduation album” and will automatically fill in the required fields in the Instagram registration form. You will only have to double-check the information about the created account and confirm its correctness by clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner. New account has been created.

If you decide to register an Instagram account in the second way, then in this case the process of creating a new user will not seem too complicated to you.

So, select the item “Register via e-mail.”

New User Registration New User Registration

We indicate personal data in the lines of the registration form and confirm the correctness of the information provided to the service by clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner.

Data input Data input

All! New user Instagram has been successfully created. If an error appears when registering on Instagram on an Android device, then don't be discouraged. Just delete the program cache and try to enter the new user data again.

Registration error Registration error

This completes the boring, but necessary actions on the Instagram network. It's time to plunge headlong into the world of mobile creativity of your friends and acquaintances.

Using the program Using the program

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