Why people still love Samsung phones

We all know the three leaders of the smartphone market. There are, of course, different ratings and statistics in them are based on different data, but the leaders always include companies such as Apple and Samsung. The third inhabitant of the podium is now Huawei, now Xiaomi, but it is the Americans and Koreans who are always among the leaders. If Apple is clear, it creates a great product, has a huge fan base and a lot of market influence, then how is Samsung going out? Only the quality of smartphones? Or are there other success factors that affect sales? Of course have. Otherwise they would not have been so high.

Why people still love Samsung phones

Samsung has been one of the largest smartphone sellers for many years. But why?

Why everyone loves so much Apple

First, it's worth understanding why people love so much Apple. I have already said about the quality of the products. Fans Android may hate iPhone, but he's not as bad as many might think. At the very least, it provides ease of use. People just don't need to know how much RAM they have or how to root. They buy a device, it works, they are happy with everything, everyone is happy. iPhone may be expensive (although recent events have shown that this is not entirely true), but people are ready to buy it. In a market economy, this means that it is worth the money.

Another success factor is the infrastructure that those who have iPhone, iPad and a Mac are familiar with. Together they work incredibly cool and, which is very important, native. There is no need to install, configure, adapt, and so on. I just turned it on and it works.

Samsung has it too, but it doesn't work as well and simply, although it sometimes gives more customization options. But why exactly Samsung stood out against the background of competitors who also work for Android and can also realize approximately the same capabilities?

Why people love Samsung phones

In response to the question “why do many people love Samsung?” there are several important points, each of which cannot be the main one, but together they give the result that we have.

Samsung phones quality

Samsung has had several major flops in recent years. For example, the exploding battery in the Galaxy Note 7, which was not even allowed on airplanes and on board cruise ships (he himself encountered this in the port of St. Petersburg).

Why people still love Samsung phones

How many jokes were that this is just an explosive smartphone.

Recently, we can recall the problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, when some Exynos-based smartphones worked worse than their Snapdragon counterparts, the camera could not start catching focus, and after that it began to crash by itself (although this was not proven to be massive).

Despite this, the brand's smartphones are good on their own. They work fast, photograph well, offer new technical solutions, and have the world's best screens and cameras. It is not for nothing that many competitors have followed them to Samsung, including Apple and Xiaomi.

Nobody will argue with the quality of smartphones, as well as with the fact that there are a lot of them. The company not only continues to sell older flagships for a while, but also offers many other models in a more affordable segment.

Samsung appliances

People have such a feature – to trust something. For example, there is a person in a store, and Xiaomi and Samsung are on display. The man recalls that he has a Samsung TV, which has been working perfectly for ten years, and makes a choice in favor of this brand.

There are many such examples, because the company produces so many things, from household appliances to goods in the “beauty and health” category. All this has an impact on consumer preferences and brand credibility. As a result, sales are growing in all categories, even if they are not directly related to each other.

Not everyone knows, but the company has subsidiaries that are engaged in the chemical industry, heavy industry, shipbuilding and the construction of skyscrapers. Among the projects in which she participated, even the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai.

Why people still love Samsung phones

This building was also built with the assistance of Samsung.

Samsung Advertising

Among other things, Samsung is the one company that spends the most money on advertising and marketing. The exact numbers are constantly changing, but overall it doesn't deviate much from the $ 10 billion a year figure. It is not difficult to notice by looking at what events the company arranges, how its stands at exhibitions look and how much advertising appears immediately after the release of a new device. She climbs literally from everywhere – TV, Internet, radio, posters on the street and so on.

There is even information that this cost item is several times higher than similar costs of other manufacturers. For example, in 2017 LG I spent 10 times less on these purposes. Maybe that's why everything is so bad with them?

Why people still love Samsung phones

Samsung isn't afraid to spend money on marketing.

Should you buy Samsung

Here everyone decides for himself. For example, I do not really like her smartphones and do not strive to use them, but there are those who disagree with me. There are many such people in our Telegram chat. One thing is certain, Samsung doesn't make the best phones in the world.

Some of the best are indisputably, but definitely not the best. Competitors also have decent models. And Apple and Huawei and Honor and OnePlus and some other brands make cool devices. Moreover, it usually happens that some models have a better camera, while others have a screen. As a result, the user makes a compromise. This I mean that there can be no better smartphone in everything, by definition. Even if it does appear, it will not be the best for the price.

Samsung is cool! Until now, it keeps up with the times, starting with the first generation Samsung Galaxy. But her leadership lies not in one thing, but in a combination of factors that, like bricks, built the ladder along which her smartphones climbed to the top three in sales.

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