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Printing on Android This article will discuss how to connect a printer to an Android tablet. Not many people know that this is generally possible and most likely they will be surprised to see how quickly and easily he prints documents from this device. There are essentially two methods that allow you to reproduce a text document in this manner. Both of them are quite simple and even the most knowledgeable user can figure it out. You will need to install only one program, which will connect the gadget to the printer.

Connecting the tablet to the printer via a computer

The first method is quite simple, but it requires a stationary computer or laptop. If you do not have a PC at hand, you will not be able to print a text file through any device. The installation of one utility will not be enough, since the print file will be read by the printing device directly from the computer. If you have a PC at hand, then you can safely download the Printer Share program to it and your gadget. It will help you quickly establish a connection between your PC and your gadget, after which it will send a text file to print. By the way, in addition to the printing device, you can easily connect a scanner, copier and other devices to the sensor device, the main thing is to download the corresponding software from Google Play.

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Connecting Android to a computer via Wi-Fi: Video

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What to do if you don't have a computer at hand

Connecting the printer to the tablet Android can be done even if you do not have a laptop or PC at hand. Only in this case, your printing device must include the function Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you will not be able to print a text document. If at least one of the above functions is available in your printer for printing, then you can start working with it.

Be sure to install the appropriate software on your gadget and only then connect it to the printing device. If the printer does not see Android the device, then most likely you forgot to install the utility or connect it to the network.

Devices for android

After installing Printer Share, you can 'bring' your text files to life by editing it on the touch device beforehand. It turns out that you no longer need a PC as an intermediary and with the help of one program you can carry out any operations with text, including printing it. Given the large number of touch products on Android, you can find many programs in the online store that allow you to connect devices for printing to a tablet. We recommend Printer Share software as the fastest and most convenient to use.

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Setting up Wi-Fi on a tablet or smartphone Android: Video

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What device can you print text files on?

In fact, on devices running Android OS, there are no restrictions on software installation. Any model based on this operating system can connect to a printing machine and reproduce text documents on paper. All you need to do is find the appropriate utility and download the version that will fit your version of Android. Such programs are very easy to use, and even a child will understand the interface.

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How to print from Android over Wi-Fi (video)

A small nuance is that if you have a laptop or stationary computer, you will have to install the same Printer Share on it. This is necessary because the PC will act as such an intermediary and it will be he who will connect the printer together with your touch gadget. In a situation where the android device is directly connected to the printing device, in fact, nothing needs to be installed on the PC. The function of printing on various devices through touch devices is present in all models running the Android operating system.

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