Must-haves in the Samsung Galaxy S30

Until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S30 (or S21, which I like much more), there are about six months left. It seems that this is not very soon, but do not rush to think so. This is exactly the time during which you can think over everything and make adjustments to the prototypes of the new generation device. In this article I will give examples of what I would like to change in the new product of the next year, and you will vote at the end of the article and together we may influence the opinion of the company. Let's try to put everything together. Well, or just talk, discuss and fantasize about what is missing in modern flagships. In the end, Samsung makes almost the main flagships in the industry, and the trends that it sets will be taken by other manufacturers into their models.

Samsung Galaxy S20

This smartphone is cool, but it has room for improvement.

What will the new Samsung be called

First of all, I would like to note that the novelty is likely to receive one of two names. It will be called Samsung Galaxy S30 or Samsung Galaxy S21. So far, rumors and trends point more towards the first option, but I am with both hands for the second. Now you constantly have to bend your fingers or calculate in your head when you imagine what the generation of the smartphone was called in a given year. Most of the problems begin when you have to remember all these endless submodels and alphanumeric designations.

Must-haves in the Samsung Galaxy S30

What I like most about this smartphone is the screen.

If the new Samsung gets the number 21 in the name, everything will finally fall into place and the new product will have the same designation as the year of its release. It will always be simple and straightforward. And most importantly, for example, in 2022, users will understand that the S21 is already outdated and they need to buy the S22. Everything is clear and logical.

What to add to the new Samsung Galaxy

Now let's move on to the list of things to change in the new Samsung next year. It is worth mentioning right away that to improve the quality of the model, you can either add something or remove something. Therefore, we will limit ourselves not only to additions, but talk about the changes in general. Here's what I suggest I am.

Return Samsung Galaxy S10e

It was the S10e that I remembered for the reason that at the moment this is the last model that was relatively inexpensive. This year there was no such model, but it was good with it and it would be necessary to return it.

If this year the company released the Galaxy S20e model, then it probably would not have lost so much in sales, but it is unlikely that the company has a position of a visionary on the staff who should have predicted that a pandemic would happen and global smartphone sales would drop dramatically – especially flagship .

Must-haves in the Samsung Galaxy S30

The Samsung Galaxy S10e was compact and inexpensive. In short, we need it.

This is why the return of a more affordable model to the flagship line will help the company immensely. Even if it will be the same as the Galaxy A51, but it will have the flagship marking, and for many people this is enough.

Reduce camera size

One gets the feeling that the new Samsung smartphones that were shown to us this year were made, if not somehow, then, at least, carelessly. I mean, the company didn't seem to try to make the camera less bulging.

Of course, it has a lot of technology and the camera just can't help but stick out. I have said more than once that this is normal and must be tolerated if we want to get good pictures. But you just need to somehow take into account other elements. For example, appearance. In the Samsung Galaxy S20, it seems that the engineers were in a hurry and “covered” what was sticking out, without even thinking how to do it beautifully.

From this point of view, we need to work a little and offer something, albeit protruding, but more elegant than what the company rolled out this year. And we still need to work on the quality of photos, because people traditionally expect only the best from Galaxy. Well, of course, you have to do something with autofocus and 100x zoom – function for function's sake.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

You definitely need to do something with this.

Refusal from ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the screen

The in-screen fingerprint scanner was originally a pretty cool niche feature, but has now become the standard for premium phones. However, almost every display sensor on the market is optics-based, while Samsung's flagships persist in using ultrasound.

Samsung claims that ultrasonic sensors are faster and more efficient than optical sensors, but experience proves otherwise. It is an objective fact that the fingerprint scanners built into the screens of other smartphones work much faster and more often. One of our readers wrote in the comments that when registering a fingerprint, he writes down the same finger twice. I tried, but the method also does not always give advantages in scanning.

Must-haves in the Samsung Galaxy S30

Just making an on-screen fingerprint scanner isn't enough. you have to make it good.

It will be difficult for Samsung to change scanning technology, but it can do it if it wants to. The main thing is that she wants.

Fast charge your Samsung phone

In our time, the concept of fast charging is gradually losing its relevance, since now they are all charging quickly enough. Previously, fast charging was called cases when it was possible to charge a smartphone in half an hour. Now we are on the verge of fully charging a smartphone in 10-15 minutes. This is what the new Samsung needs.

Qualcomm has already shown a ready-made prototype of ultra-fast charging and is ready to supply it to manufacturers. Moreover, even existing chipsets already have a controller of such charging, that is, these technologies are not even tomorrow's, but today’s evening. Most likely, everything will be finally ready for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S and it will be possible to apply the technology in practice. The main thing is that smartphones do not start burning. Companies will long remember the failure of the Galaxy Note 7.

ESIM support in Russia and worldwide

Support for virtual SIM-cards is definitely the future and it needs to be brought closer. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has such technology, but it does not work in all markets, and this must be fought by introducing new features to the masses. Of course, it is too early to abandon the traditional plastic card, but it is definitely necessary to develop eSIM.

S20 Ultra

In our time, the SIM card must be virtual.

I'm not even talking about the fact that in some markets the electronic SIM card is simply not supported, but the problem is that the company simply blocks access to this technology. Even if such a system appears, the electronic SIM card simply stops working. Moreover, if you use it, having arrived in some countries, you may be left without connection.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S

At the end, you just need to add a few words about the cost. Samsung has already shown everyone that it can make tough decisions and take drastic steps that others would not dare. I'm talking about the fact that all relatively new smartphones and tablets of the company will be updated for three years. Now we need to decide something with the price in the same style.

Of course, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 (I prefer to call it that) won't cost $ 700, but $ 1,000 is a lot for it. It is clear that processors are getting more expensive every year, but other manufacturers have proven that devices based on Snapdragon 865 can be relatively inexpensive. Let them suffer in other components, but we must not forget that the Korean company has much greater opportunities and can try to change the situation. If she slashed the price of next year's smartphone by just $ 50-100 over the Galaxy S20, I would be the first to praise her.

What do you think about the innovations? Choose one option that seems most interesting to you, or suggest yours in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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