No sound in the phone – what to do?

No sound in the phone You can use a modern smartphone not only for making calls, but also for viewing multimedia files, work, and communication. For comfortable handling of the device, you need high-quality sound both during a conversation with an interlocutor and during video calls or watching content.

If the audio track is not playing during the video broadcast, then you need to determine whether the speaker is working at all. For diagnostics, just go to the phone settings – sound – ringtone and select one of the standard signals. The melody is played without the involvement of third-party applications, such as a video player. Calling another subscriber can also help. If the call signal and the subscriber's voice are transmitted through one speaker on the front panel, then it is he who is the main one.

So, if system sounds and calls are heard normally, then it is necessary to fight the cause.

No sound in the browser


If you have problems viewing online content, then the first step is to try to launch another video. The file itself may be damaged or incorrectly uploaded. If in this case the sound does not appear, then you need to refer to the browser and phone settings:

  • Browser settings. In common versions of the Internet browser, it is possible to turn off the sound. You need to go to the browser menu and find the required item in the content settings.
  • There is a separate volume setting in the playback window, which is independent of the audio setting in the device. It is necessary to check the level set in the online player.
  • Multimedia sound in the phone. This is a separate setting that does not depend on the ringer, call, signal or alarm volume.
  • Headphone jack. When a wired headset is connected, the contact opens and sends sound to the speaker. Make sure that no foreign object has entered the port.

These tips should help solve the problem.

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No sound on YouTube

We use the YouTube app to watch video content. With the help of the program, you can create bookmarks, quickly go to the project page under your account, etc. What to do if sound disappeared on YouTube:

  • Reboot the device.
  • Disable application and factory reset.

In the smartphone settings, you need to go to the list of applications and select YouTube. In the program menu there are two buttons “disable” and “stop”. The first option completely stops the application and removes the program shortcut from the desktop, the second assumes a complete stop of background processes and rollback of all updates to their original state. youtube no sound

  • Youtube app update.

New versions of content are released regularly. An outdated application may be broken. To update, you need to click the corresponding button of the pop-up menu or find the offer in PlayMarket – installed applications. Scroll to the required program. If there is an update, the update will be displayed opposite the shortcut.

  • Reset smartphone settings.

The advice can also be applied to any option. It is necessary to restore factory settings through the device menu. The procedure will delete all previously installed applications, photos and files stored in the smartphone's memory.

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No sound in video player

Video player

If there is no sound when playing a video file downloaded to the phone and opened in the player, then there are several options:

  • Make sure the selected application supports the video format. For example, MKV is not supported by all programs.
  • Settings. In the menu, you need to check the volume settings and give permission to use the microphone and speaker.
  • Checking the file. Content can be launched using a different version of the player. If the result does not change, then the file may be damaged. You can play the video sequence using a computer or a multimedia player.

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The sound in the phone is missing

If the sound on the device has disappeared altogether, then this may be due to several reasons:

  • Incorrect settings.
  • System crash.
  • Failure of the speaker.

To fix the problem, you need to take several steps:

  • Check your settings. In the sound settings menu (Settings – Sound), you need to move the volume sliders on all available items. You can try with the active screen to press the volume button. Several scales will be displayed, showing the volume level of the call, multimedia, alarm clock.
    Sound settings
  • Reset your phone to factory settings. Menu – About phone – Reset settings. Depending on the model, there may be options for resetting applications, system, and hard reset to factory state.
  • Replacing the speaker. If the playback disturbance is caused by a breakdown, it is better to contact a special service center. Self-repair will require the use of the necessary tools (soldering iron, tweezers, tin, and others). For the procedure, it is necessary to disassemble the device, which will require certain skills and accuracy.

Each device has its own operational reserve. Failure of components or system software inevitably occurs over time for any device. The main condition for a long service life is the purchase of quality equipment with an official manufacturer's warranty.

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