MTK Logger on Android

MTK Logger  MTK Logger is an application that appears on smartphones with a processor MTK (MediaTek) and is installed without user intervention.

What it is?

The program is a utility that collects information about the operation of the device, detected failures and other data.

For an ordinary user, the application will be useless, because the contents of the magazine are intended for professionals working with the operating system (developers) and creating programs.

MTK Logger

MTK Logger takes up only a few kilobytes of device memory and practically does not affect smartphone operation. The data log is complex, and the collected information can take up a lot of space.

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How do I disable the application?

It is not recommended to remove MTK Logger because it is a system application developed by the processor manufacturer. It can be safely disabled. This will not affect the operation of the smartphone in any way, but it will avoid memory loss and possible unnecessary load on the processor.

To disable, you must first stop the application. The user needs to open the application and change the position of the slider at all points where it is enabled.

Disable MTK Logger

After that, go to Settings> Applications> MTK Logger.

MTK Logger in program list

Here you must first clear the cache and then click the “disable” button.

MTK The logger keeps a log of errors and actions that have occurred, similar to a similar program on a computer. The results of the application are a dark forest for the average user.

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