Microsoft starts antivirus for Android. Why is it full of slag

Android has never been a particularly secure platform. As far back as I can remember, she was constantly threatened. Either system vulnerabilities, or malicious software on Google Play, or the mediocre work of standard tools aimed at ensuring the safety of users. The developers of antivirus programs played this very successfully, which at some point turned into one of the most popular categories of software downloaded from Google Play. Google, of course, didn't like it very much and decided to launch its own Google Play Protect antivirus, which has a new competitor.

Microsoft starts antivirus for Android.  Why is it full of slag

Microsoft has released its own antivirus. But why is it needed?

Microsoft has finally launched its antivirus Microsoft Defender ATP for Android, which it introduced at the beginning of this year. The company hopes that with the help of their product, Google's operating system will become more secure, and users can feel more secure, relying on advanced antivirus algorithms. Although, of course, Microsoft Defender ATP for Android is not quite an antivirus in the usual sense of the majority of users. The thing is that on Android such a phenomenon as viruses does not exist in principle. But why then is it needed?

Microsoft starts antivirus for Android.  Why is it full of slag

The functionality of the antivirus Microsoft is redundant given the fact that standard applications for Android have such capabilities

Microsoft Defender ATP is more of a security tool with a fairly extensive feature set. Here's what he can do:

  • Scans the device for malicious applications;
  • Identifies insecure network connections (through which traffic can be stolen, for example);
  • Checks links to identify phishing pages;
  • Checks downloaded files for malicious components;
  • Blocks access to corporate data for suspicious devices.

The functional range Microsoft of Defender ATP is really extensive as for an antivirus, while in fact it is not an antivirus. Another thing is that the value of the features it offers is rather controversial. See for yourself. All Microsoft features of Defender ATP have long been implemented in Android or satellite applications, which for the most part turn out to be even more useful solutions than what Microsoft offers. Google Play Protect searches for malicious software, analyzes connections – any VPN that does not block the connection, but simply makes it safe, and the check of phishing pages is entrusted to a special mechanism in Google Chrome and other browsers.

Protection in Google Chrome

Microsoft starts antivirus for Android.  Why is it full of slag

Microsoft Defender ATP is already available for download, albeit as a beta version

It would seem, what can Google Chrome do? However, if you look at it, it turns out that after the update, the browser has acquired a number of significant security tools. After all, it not only detects fake sites, but also scans the strength of passwords, and also calculates the work of spyware and malicious trackers and scripts on running web pages. It turns out a much more useful range of features than an antivirus, which is completely unclear why it is needed. Well, and most importantly, in order to make Google Chrome provide your protection, you do not need to install an additional application that will annoy your eyes with its presence on the desktop.

However, if you want to try Microsoft Defender ATP or you know why you might need it, you can download a test build of the antivirus to your smartphone. Despite the fact that while the product is in beta testing and is distributed in a limited mode, you can apply to participate in the Early Access program now. This opportunity is provided to users of the desktop version of the antivirus, who can follow this link, confirm registration in the program and download the installation file for Android.

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