What are the benefits of the new Android for cheap smartphones?

Each new version of the operating system is more complex than the previous one. This is a fact, because it has new features, new graphics and other new bells and whistles. Of course, the developers do not forget about optimization and they often manage to keep the system appetites of new items at the level of last year's version. However, every year there are smartphones that do not run a new operating system. In order to partially solve this problem, there is a program Android Go, which allows even the weakest smartphones to work on the new software. This happened with Android 11. Her “little sister” is also ready and Google has already confirmed this. But what next and who will get it?

Android Go

Android Go enables users to get new features on weaker smartphones.

Android Go

Android 11 came out and now it's too late to talk about beta versions, since the owners of any phones can install for themselves Android 11. True, for now, “any” phones are only Google Pixel and then, starting from the second generation.

The time will come and the list of devices will be replenished by Samsung, Xiaomi and other OnePlus, but for the most part these will naturally be flagships, but what to do with the middle peasants and even more state employees who also want to get new software is still a mystery. However, there is a solution for them too.

I already said that such a solution is called Android Go and now Google itself has confirmed that the new version Android of Go based on Android 11 is ready for budget devices. The company also said that it will improve in this stripped-down version over the previous version.

Changes Android 11 version Android Go

First of all, the company has improved notifications and user navigation. Google's gesture-based control system is now standard on the OS and should speed up menu scrolling on devices with large displays. To be honest, it really could sometimes be a problem for them.

Android Go will now also collect messages from different applications in a dedicated notification section in the OS. Ideally, this should make it difficult to mistakenly close chats and make them easier to find.

Smartphone Android Go

Smartphones with Android Go can be considered almost a separate category of devices.

Not without security improvements. This is especially true of that part of it, which is usually called confidentiality. This was another long-awaited addition to the new version of the operating system. Now you can manage permissions more precisely and in detail. As of Android 11, Android Go users can now grant an application access to something for only one use session.

Access to applications in Android

If the application is granted long-term access, but it is not used for a long period, this permission is also automatically reset. Here is a special thank you for this, since this can easily “burn out” if the application has changed its functionality or you have changed the requirements for it.

Flagship smartphones are gradually evolving in terms of performance, but for them each new step is taken with increasing difficulty. Inexpensive devices, the picture is more rosy. Technologies are gradually getting cheaper and budget smartphones continue to evolve in some way even faster than flagships. Precisely because their absolute (and also relative) performance is increasing, Android Go will evolve to better use their capabilities.

Google claims the launch speed of applications on Android 11 Go Edition is 20% faster than on an older OS based on Android 10. This is no joke, as this is not a one-time process . Apps open dozens of times a day. It may seem that the difference in waiting between 3 or 2.5 seconds is not important at all, but it is not. If you tried this and that, then the difference is felt very strongly.

How much RAM do you need Android Go

Two gigabytes of RAM are now found in almost any smartphone, except for the most inexpensive ones, and it's nice that this mark is now the minimum for use Android Go. This should significantly improve the user experience on entry-level phones, as well as improve handling of background applications.

Android Go

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These improvements may not be as popular as Chat Bubbles and Wireless Android Auto, but they should go a long way towards improving the digital life of budget smartphone users. After all, people use not only flagships, and the fact that Google pays attention to inexpensive devices is very pleasant, and says a lot about the company's attitude towards its product. Even if this is done in order to earn more, in business everything is done for this.

But we received a new product that turns a blind eye to the performance of the gadget, discards unnecessary functions, but gives users at least something new, and does not keep them on the leash of an outdated operating system that is preserved in time, which essentially changes only the interface colors. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I just wanted to thank Google for having Android Go. There are also some questions to him, but who is not without sin?

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