Google is preparing a major update to Google Pay

Google Pay has always been a pitiful shadow Apple Pay. Affected by the lack of many functions such as full-fledged offline work, hot swap of bank cards and normal support for passes, travel and boarding passes. However, this did not prevent the Google payment service from becoming widespread among users. Therefore, it would be rash not to try to develop Google Pay further, trying to turn it into a more perfect and independent financial instrument. It's good that Google understood this.

Google is preparing a major update to Google Pay

Google Pay may be better than it is now

Google plans to integrate Google Pay's rich online shopping, shopping and service capabilities into a one-stop shopping portal. This is reported by The Information, citing sources in the company. The search giant's goal is to unite different stores and services within Google Pay and thereby, firstly, make the service application stop being a passive utility, and, secondly, increase the percentage of user retention and thereby increase your income.

Google Pay payments

Google is preparing a major update to Google Pay

Store buttons in Google Pay can retain audience

The updated Google Pay will include buttons for different stores and services, the transition through which will open their assortment with the ability to add the desired products to the basket and pay for them contactlessly and securely. Thus, users will not be able to install store applications, but buy everything in one place, as well as pay for orders online without touching the cashier when it comes to placing an order in hypermarkets. As a result, it will be enough just to go to the pick-up counter and get yours.

Google spotted this format in Asia and India, where all-in-one applications are very popular, which include many different stores and services. Therefore, Google has already partially implemented the ability to pay for purchases in the Google Pay app for India. There, users can select the desired store, online service or service, place an order and pay for it via Google Pay. Thus, for example, it is convenient to pay for taxis, banking services, place orders in online stores and do much, much more.

Pay with the Google Pay app

Over the past 18 months, we have recorded a steady increase in interest in our payment service. We had a hugely successful start in India. This experience opened our eyes to many things that we did not even know about before. He gave us an understanding of how Google Pay should develop, and we intend to change the approach to its development around the world. I am already very pleased with the updates that await our payment service in 2020, and I have no doubt that this will bring it to a qualitatively new level in meeting the needs of users, '' said Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google is preparing a major update to Google Pay

The updated Google Pay will not be able to launch in all countries at once. It will take time

Despite the fact that the top manager tried to avoid specifics, it is clear what exactly he meant. Another thing is that most likely the international launch of the updated Google Pay as such will not take place. The fact is that Google will have to adapt the product for each market individually, connecting different trading platforms and services to its service. As a result, everything about everything can take more than one year, and at first the range of available opportunities will be frankly small.

However, Google already has experience of cooperation with Russian trading platforms and services. From time to time, the search giant merges with Yandex.Taxi, various banks and payment systems, offering users cashback for certain purchases for payment through Google Pay. Therefore, given the established connections of Google in Russia, it is likely that our updated Google Pay will be launched by the end of 2020. Anyway, I would like to believe so, since the Google payment service really needs to be rethought.

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