Google will fix annoying image bug in next Chrome update

Наверное, все знают, как работает команда Drag&Drop. Even if this is your first time hearing this name, I'm sure you have used it more than once. This is when you hold the mouse cursor over a file, be it an image, video or text document, and then transfer it to another application. Thus, it is very convenient to upload images to websites – for example, for conversion if the format does not suit you, or a purchase confirmation receipt when filing a claim online. It is much easier than clicking on the 'download' button on the website and selecting the desired image in the small window. It's a pity that Chrome implemented this feature very badly.

Google will fix annoying image bug in next Chrome update

Chrome will receive a long-awaited innovation

Most likely, you have encountered the problem of millions of other users when dragging and dropping a picture onto the site. Если сайт не поддерживает Drag&Drop, картинка просто заменяла собой веб-страницу, а возврат к ней сбивал весь накопленный прогресс. But worst of all, if, before you drag and drop the image, you managed to fill out a web form or write something, then when you go back, you invariably saw that everything has to be filled in again. I myself have repeatedly come across this, because often it is enough just not to get into the image receiving area.

The picture replaces the site

Google will fix annoying image bug in next Chrome update

Drag & Drop gesture in Chrome no longer ruins your mood

This issue will be fixed with the next Chrome update with serial number 85. The browser will not learn to automatically drag a picture into the upload field if you made a mistake and dropped the file by, but now the picture will open in a separate tab without interrupting the accumulated progress. That is, you can go back and, as if nothing had happened, continue to fill out the form or add the text that you started, exactly from the same place where you replaced the web page with a picture thrown past the reception field.

What's new in Chrome 85

But this is not the only innovation that awaits users. With the release of Chrome 85, the browser will receive a wide range of new features that it did not previously have:

  • Prevent downloading executable files (for example, .exe or .apk) from unreliable sources;
  • Warning about the danger of downloading archives from unreliable sources;
  • Advanced ad blocking to save CPU and memory resources;
  • Mechanism for blocking cross-tracking of users by websites;
  • Blocking all cookies that allow tracking users in incognito mode;
  • A DNS-over-HTTPS encryption mechanism for requests that prevents ISPs from tracking user traffic.

Google Chrome update

Google will fix annoying image bug in next Chrome update

Thanks to the Edge developers for fixing this annoying bug.

It is rather strange that it was decided to fix this annoying flaw only now, although users have been asking for this for many years. However, this was not done by Google, which owns Chrome, but by the developers of the Edge browser. It is also based on the Chromium engine, and thanks to open source, third-party developers can also make changes to it. Therefore, the developer Microsoft Eric Lawrence took, and implemented the simplest mechanism that does not interrupt the execution of any actions on the site dragging and dropping pictures, but simply opens it in a new window.

It is important to understand that right now you will not be able to go and check how the new mechanism works. The fact is that while the innovation is available only in a test version of the browser, whose release will take place closer to August, since the developers have to do large-scale work to implement a number of planned innovations and refine the built-in security mechanisms of Chrome. And this for them, taking into account recent events, today is the most priority task.

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