Google has released an analogue of TikTok with life hacks for Android

Google is a very large company with many departments, departments and affiliates, each of which is working on its own project. More often than not, this is something quite logical and expected, like artificial intelligence technologies, updates Android and even our own processors. But since the company has several experimental divisions that develop applications and services that are completely not focused on commercial success, even things like Tangi may come out of the pen of Google.

Google has released an analogue of TikTok with life hacks for Android

Tangi can really be considered the equivalent of TikTok

Tangi is an online service for recording, editing and publishing videos up to 60 seconds long. Its main goal is to give authors the opportunity to share life hacks and useful things, and viewers can easily adopt them without spending too much time on mastering. You may have already heard of Tangi in the past, because in fact, Google did not unveil it today, but in February. But then, for some unknown reason, the application was released only on iOS, and for some reason no version for Android appeared. But justice was done.

What videos are there in Tangi

The obvious advantage of Tangi is in the brevity of the content that authors publish. Google decided that YouTube life hacks and tutorials were too time-consuming, but for obvious reasons it didn't want to restrict the authors. Therefore, it was decided to launch a completely new service focused on short training videos. They are all divided into categories depending on the direction:

  • Art
  • DIY
  • Cooking food
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Style and life

That is, the user can choose the section that is interesting to him and receive new knowledge every minute. Let's say you always wanted a fishing rod made of scrap materials, but there was neither time nor desire to watch the half-hour discourses of YouTubers on this topic. With Tangi, you get the information you need in just 60 seconds. True, it is very important for the author to feel exactly how the presentation of the material should be organized so as not to miss important details and at the same time teach the viewer a lesson as clearly as possible.

Analogue of TikTok from Google

Google has released an analogue of TikTok with life hacks for Android

Tangi is very similar to TikTok and Instagram at the same time

Front-end Tangi is a mixture of TikTok and Instagram. There is exactly the same personal page where users can publish their videos, built-in editor and the ability to quickly switch between videos, comment on them and subscribe. In general, the format is as simple and convenient as possible. Another thing is that for some reason Tangi is not officially available in the Russian segment of Google Play. Therefore, you can download the application only on alternative sites. For example, on APKMirror at this link.

Google has released an analogue of TikTok with life hacks for Android

Want to learn something new? Then you are in Tangi

Does Tangi have a chance to become popular? Well, given the simplicity of the interface and quite logical purpose – most likely, yes. But at the same time, it should be noted that a purely educational nature risks making the service boring for most users. After all, if in TikTok you can watch funny videos, latently bumping into life hacks and useful tips, then in Tangi you can rely only on the funny presentation of the authors, which will obviously be difficult to do in the conditions offered by Google.

I tried Tangi myself and realized that this format does not add up to me. Against the background of TikTok, where you can spend 10, 20, and even 30 minutes in one session, Tangi looks very narrowly focused. During its use, I did not leave the feeling that I did not rest here, but as if I had come to get an education. Yes, most of the videos were shot very easily and naturally, and also flavored with pleasant background music, but I could not take it and relax like this to feel at home.

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