Google adds augmented reality search for people to Google maps

Augmented reality is the most controversial technology. On the one hand, many companies are trying to force it as something breakthrough, but, on the other hand, they somehow fail to subdue it and direct it to the benefit of society. Take the same Apple, which talks a lot and often about AR, but does not offer any scenarios for its operation that are acceptable in everyday life. And only Google, like that little engine from Major Payne, was able and, despite all the obstacles, managed. This is how the built-in AR mode appeared in Google Maps, which the company continues to develop.

Google Maps

AR mode in Google Maps gets a new feature

As part of Android 11, Google developers have added support for enhanced AR mode for Google Maps to Pixel smartphones. If earlier with the help of augmented reality you could only follow the route and determine your location by scanning the surrounding space with the smartphone camera, now this way you can also visually determine the location of other people who have shared their geolocation with you. You just need to switch the mode and look at the smartphone screen, which will show you the direction.

AR mode in Google Maps

Live View Sharing

Thanks to the Live View Sharing function, you will surely not miss out on who you go to meet.

If your friends decide to share their location with you on Google Maps, just tap on their icon and then turn on Live View on the right side of the screen. This will allow you to see in real time where they are relative to you at the moment, as well as see the distance between you. Activating the Live View Sharing feature will show an arrow indicating the direction you need to go to meet someone who has shared their location with you, Google explained.

This is a very cool feature that allows you not only to get a point on the map indicating the location of the shared geolocation, but to meet him halfway without risking missing each other. Remember how often you, going to a meeting with someone, went different ways and in the end still spent some time trying to determine exactly where each of you is. But thanks to the Live View Sharing feature, you will be able to watch the distance between you decrease in real time and monitor which direction your opponent is heading, changing the route if necessary.

Find a person by location

Google Maps

Live View Sharing allows you to follow the movement of whoever shares their location with you in real time using AR

In my opinion, Google's implementation turned out to be as successful as possible. After all, whatever one may say, but for many to navigate in the maps is still a challenge. Users not only have to understand the legend, but also know for sure which turn to choose. The fact is that when walking on foot, Google maps are rearranged rather slowly, which increases the risk of going in the wrong direction. Augmented reality, which allows real-time control of the route through the camera, solves this problem at once.

For now, Live View Sharing is only available on Google Pixel smartphones, as part of the updated Pixel Launcher. On the one hand, this is rather unpleasant news, because AR mode is, in principle, supported by most ARCore-compatible devices. But, on the other hand, it is possible that Google just wants to spread the release in time, first opening exclusive access to the innovation only to its users, and only then, after some time, giving it to everyone else.

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