The new password manager will make Android look even more like iOS

Let many criticize Android or iOS, especially if they use the opposite system, but you need to be more judicious and understand that there are pluses both there and there. If you look at them, you begin to imagine what an ideal operating system would look like. That is why the developers of both operating systems periodically borrow ideas from each other, bringing their products closer together. This is good, because this is the evolution towards which everything in the world strives. And this time, such an evolution affected a function that will allow owners of Android smartphones to switch from one device to another much easier. And at the same time, it will become much easier to log in to applications that you temporarily deleted.

The new password manager will make Android look even more like iOS

Keys and passwords are often a problem when buying a new smartphone.

New feature Android

Google is constantly sharing information with developers. These are kind of small presentations of new features that they would like to apply in new applications. This will increase their competitiveness and make life easier for many users Android. These videos provide answers to many of the questions that those who create applications may have.

As part of the current beta releases Android 11, Google has posted a new developer video that shows how the company plans to change the way people sign in to apps and services. It may seem like some kind of complex technical data, but what they can bring us is really very happy.

Google is rolling out a completely new system called the Block Store, and if the developers do use it, logging in with your apps on a new phone will be as easy as restoring from a backup during the installation process.

The video is quite short and covers, among other things, the new 'One Tap' cross-platform login system, which will make it easier to sign in to services if you don't know how to sign up for an account. But that's not all and the most interesting, as often happens, at the end.

Login with Android will become much more convenient

Block Store will be able to fix one of the most annoying problems Android – setting up a new device. When you upgrade to a new phone or buy a TV from Android, logging into all of your services becomes a real pain. Not everyone trusts the password manager, and if you use different credentials for each account, as you should, you may need some time to tweak the settings when moving to a new device.

The backup and restore service Android also does not include account details. Although some data is still stored in it, it is not necessary to say that it is possible to bypass all the footsteps in this way. Therefore, the Block Store seeks to fix all this, and now the main thing is that the developers pick up this idea and start using it in their new products or prepare updates for existing ones.

The new password manager will make Android look even more like iOS

With the new system, it will be much easier to switch from one Android smartphone to another.

How passwords will be protected in Android

Apps that support the new Block Store API will use a token-based system to store credentials on the user's phone. These tokens can be copied using end-to-end encryption directly to your Google account.

Simply put, the apps and services that support the Block Store will allow you to log in and store this information securely in a way that all your devices can easily connect when restoring from a backup. Perhaps everything will be simplified so much that it will not even be necessary to confirm the action. You just turn on your phone, wait a couple of minutes and get a device on which everything will be set up like on an old device.

What will the new password storage system be like Android

Developers can add whatever they need to this token so that the application or service can load the data that is needed for them to work after logging out. In a way, you can say that it will be something like the “Keychain” or “Keychain” function on iOS. This system has been working there for several years and has proven itself very well, saving users from having to remember all the passwords they only have. And at the same time making it possible to more securely set different passwords for each account. It's no secret that to hack an account, you just need to know your email and password. If data has leaked on one of the services, it is enough just to try it on others, and with a very high degree of probability you will be successful. If you have had this, tell us in our Telegram chat.

The new password manager will make Android look even more like iOS

Apple has long proven that storing passwords in the cloud is very convenient.

It seems to me that this is one of the most significant changes that Google can make to Android as a platform, and it should make switching between phones very much easier. However, one must understand that Google simply gave the developers a tool and now it depends only on them whether they will use it or let everything go by themselves, continuing to do everything as it is. Part of this may be due to distrust of the encryption system. But if they do, the backup and recovery system Android might finally start competing with Apple. You just have to admit that she is really better there.

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