How to set up QIP mail to Android

Android Email On phones with Android OS, calls and sending messages are no more important functionality than sending and receiving letters from a mail service. But in order to use e-mail, you will have to perform a number of actions. And some users may not be able to correctly organize their mail the first time. Therefore, I would like to suggest, using one of the examples, to see how to set up QIP mail on Android.

Beginning of work

First, you need to start the Mail client, in my example, a standard application will be used.

Launching mail client

After the program starts and offers a list of popular mail services, we need to click on 'other'.

Selecting a program from the list

The next step in the Email field you will need to enter the address of the mailbox that you have, and in the next field the password from this mailbox and click 'next'.

Entering an e-mail address

In the next window select the 'IMAP4' protocol and move on.

Selecting the 'IMAP4' protocol

A window will appear in front of you, which is called 'Configuring the server of incoming messages'. It will need:

  • In the Server line, enter
  • Choose encryption type no
  • Port dial 143
  • In the username, write your mail address
  • In the Password field, enter the password from the mail. box.
  • Go further


Also, you can put SSL in the encryption type, but then the port must be 993.

Incoming server parameters

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Setting up Mail.Ru mail on Android: Video

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Setting up a message server

After that, you will need to configure the 'Configure the server of outgoing messages' page

  • In the line SMTP Server, drive
  • Encryption: leave no

You can also choose SSL

  • Port: 25
  • Check the box next to “require login”
  • Perform the username and password in the same way as in the previous window.

    Entering username and password

One of the last windows will contain a notification that your mailbox account has been successfully configured, you can wait for new notifications. If desired, you can configure the display of your name on your device and your name, which will be displayed in outgoing messages.

Successful procedure message

And the last step is just to click on the 'next' button.

The final stage

This and all Android QIP mail setup, as you can see, if you know what to enter, this procedure will not take much time and labor.

In a similar way, you can set up any mail on Android, not only QIP.

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How to set up QIP mail to Android

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