AliExpress is flooded with copies of popular smartphones Huawei and Samsung

To be honest, I already forgot the last time I saw a clone of a popular smartphone. I don’t know what it’s connected with, but copies of AirPods or Beats headphones are sold in bulk today both in China and far beyond its borders, but you’ll hardly find fake iPhone or flagship Samsung Galaxy in the public domain. Most often, if something like this comes across, it is only on some tech market in the Middle Kingdom or on the websites of scammers who issue copies for 'customs confiscated' and sell them for 5-10 thousand rubles, obviously not counting on a large audience. But at some point something went wrong.

AliExpress is flooded with copies of popular smartphones Huawei and Samsung

I never thought that the Chinese would copy Chinese smartphones

Recently, a lot of fakes of popular flagships from Huawei and Samsung have appeared on AliExpress. Despite the fact that they all come out under the Kimtien brand, which has nothing to do with the manufacturers, they copy the appearance of the original devices 100%, and also try to use parts of their names in the names of their copies, obviously to attract the attention of consumers. So the clone Huawei Mate 30 Pro became Kimtien Mate 30 Pro, and the clone of Galaxy Note 10+ became Kimtien Note 10+.

Counterfeits on AliExpress

AliExpress is flooded with copies of popular smartphones Huawei and Samsung

A lot of fakes appeared on AliExpress, beware

Kimtien's trade policy is rather unusual. On the one hand, the Chinese do not pretend that they are selling original products, since they put their own brand on smartphones that are offered on AliExpress, and they do not break prices. Therefore, a Galaxy Note 10+ clone can be bought for about five times cheaper than the original: for $ 200 versus $ 1000 from Samsung. And all would be fine, but Kimtien indicates completely unrealistic characteristics for their smartphones, probably counting on a very primitive audience.

If you open the page with the characteristics of any of the clones from Kimtien, you will see that the manufacturer claims a truly flagship hardware for them. Snapdragon 855 is often indicated as processors, the amount of RAM is either 6 or 8 GB, and the display resolution is 2K. In addition, you can sometimes find a mention of a hardware facial recognition sensor similar to Face ID from Apple. Representatives of Kimtien are not very confused by the fact that in the original devices, much of what they indicate is simply not there. The same Huawei Mate 30 is powered by the Kirin 990, not the Snapdragon 855, and there are plenty of such punctures.

Features of fake smartphones

AliExpress is flooded with copies of popular smartphones Huawei and Samsung

Read reviews on AliExpress to know what you are buying

Needless to say, nothing of the promised copies from Kimtien can boast. According to the reviews of the buyers themselves, very pass-through processors MediaTek are most often used as the hardware basis for counterfeit smartphones, and their RAM rarely exceeds 3 GB. But this is already a real deception. After all, you can find fault with the appearance of smartphones as much as you like, and Kimtien will have a concrete excuse, which is that she did not declare these devices as original, but with iron everything is much more serious.

AliExpress's rules are quite strict with regard to counterfeit merchants, so the site tries to calculate and block them, and refunds money to buyers who had the misfortune to buy something from them. However, before that happens, AliExpress will have to investigate and investigate the case. Therefore, if you order smartphones on this site, be extremely careful, carefully check what exactly you add to the cart, read reviews and do not get fooled by too low prices, because free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

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