Clock, alarm, timer and stopwatch

Clock and alarm clock in the phone By default, any phone has built-in standard clock, alarm, timer and stopwatch applications. Let's consider all the functionality using the Digma smartphone as an example.

Alarm clock

All configured alarms are displayed in a list. You can quickly edit repeats, days of the week, enable vibration and set a melody.

Setting the alarm

To add a new alarm, tap the plus at the bottom of the screen and select the alarm time. The alarm will be on, to deactivate it, simply slide the switch to the OFF position – it is not necessary to delete an existing alarm.

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Displays the current time based on the selected time zone or network time.

Current time

To add time in other cities, for example if you travel frequently or work remotely, click the globe icon and select the cities you want.

Time in other cities

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Everything is simple here. Set the countdown time and press Start.


After the end of the time, a signal will appear that the time has expired with the option to extend the countdown or add a new timer.

Timer time out

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Everything is clear here. Press start, and the countdown has gone. If this is a race of different distances, or several people are participating, create control cuts by pressing the “circle” button.

Stopwatch work

The result can be sent via gmail or sms message.

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Application settings

Go to the program menu from any tab and select Settings.

Clock settings:

  • Style: numbers or arrows.
  • Show seconds or not.
  • Show time at home or not. Those. show home time when you are in a different time zone.
  • My time zone.
  • Change date and time.

Clock settings

Alarm settings:

  • Auto power off – how long after the alarm goes off.
  • Snooze interval. If the alarm goes off for the first time and you have not turned it off, it will ring again after a specified period of time.
  • Alarm volume.
  • Increase the volume gradually. Enable this option to avoid waking up unexpectedly from loud music.
  • Volume buttons. Select the purpose of the physical volume buttons on the side of the phone case: change the alarm volume, snooze the alarm, or turn off the alarm.
  • Start of week – set Monday. In some countries, the week starts on Sunday. This is necessary so that the alarm clock does not “confuse” weekends and weekdays, and does not ring at 7.00 on Sunday.

Alarm settings

Timer settings:

  • Alarm timer – select an audible alarm when the designated time has elapsed.
  • Gradually increase the volume – how long (up to 60 seconds) the volume of the melody will increase, so as not to frighten you with a loud sound.
  • Timer vibration: enable or disable.

Timer settings

Now you know how to use the capabilities of the bun, timer, clock and stopwatch at 100%.

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