When will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be released and what it will be

The most popular watches in the world are Apple Watch. There are enough reasons for this, but there are other devices that cause a lot of interest. First of all, I'm talking about smartwatches from Samsung. If we put aside inexpensive trackers like Xiaomi Mi Band and their competitors from Huawei, and consider a full-fledged watch, then Samsung is one of the most popular options. I used them for a while and also got my portion of pleasure, although not without some “but”. These “buts” further fuel my interest in new products. After all, they could have been corrected and now the clock will work better. Now we are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and, apparently, they are already close enough – there are even live photos. So let's talk about them.

When will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be released and what it will be

Samsung watches have always been interesting to users.

How the new Samsung watch will look

The leak we're going to talk about today gives us an idea of ​​at least one thing. Looking at the photos, we can almost say with confidence how they will look.

Previously, information has already surfaced about what the new generation of Samsung smartwatches will be. As is often the case, it came from the NRPA certification site in South Korea. At an even earlier stage, there were leaks from other certification authorities. Therefore, we already had an idea of ​​what we should expect, but now the confirmation has become even more “bold and transparent”.

When will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be released and what it will be

This is how the watch will look.

This time we have more than just an ordinary leak, so to speak, a textual one. We have pictures with the screen turned on, which shows how the interface and controls of the watch will look. Images were provided by TechTalkTV at Twitter. They showcase a rotating bezel around the edges of the screen, which is a standard part of the OS Tizen on the Galaxy Watch. Although it seems that some, albeit minor, deviations from the usual management will be.

Photos Galaxy Watch 3

The images look like they were hit by a device displayed at a retail store. This is hinted at in the last image that shows the “retailer mode” switch. This hints that we may see the Galaxy Watch 3 even earlier than we expected. On the other hand, we already saw the Google Pixel 4a in stores two months ago, but it never appeared on sale. Perhaps this is just part of the staff training process, or even an accidental photo and there is no hidden meaning in it, like in messages from OnePlus executives.

In these leaked images, we see the 41mm and 45mm Galaxy Watch 3. They both have nearly identical layouts, with a stainless steel case, side bezel buttons and chronometer markings around the edges of the displays.

When will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be released and what it will be

The interface of the new Samsung watch.

The watch looks like the rotating bezel will be the main control. If this is true, then this is very good. For me personally, there are only two ways to control the clock, which I cannot call a perversion. The first is just the rotating bezel, and the second is the Digital Crown from Apple Watch. In principle, the touch button on fitness bracelets can still be attributed here, but this is rather an exception. The main thing is that you don't have to cover the screen with your finger and swipe on these “five quadrant centimeters”. It is very inconvenient when there is no alternative.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

We have a clear idea of ​​the specs that the Galaxy Watch 3 will be able to boast thanks to some of the earlier leaks. The Galaxy Watch 3 will obviously have 8GB of storage, LTE and GPS support, ECG support, blood pressure monitoring, and of course a standard heart rate sensor. Both models will also come with IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protection for added durability.

When the new Samsung Watch comes out

As we can see, the watch goes through new regulatory and certification bodies. Now they are on live photos. This means not only that the watch actually exists, but also that it will be released very soon. This usually happens – the closer to release, the more new information and leaks appear.

When will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be released and what it will be

Perhaps the Galaxy Watch is so popular because it looks like a regular watch.

At this point, we can even assume that the presentation that Samsung is supposed to make on August 5 this year will be much more interesting than we thought. Perhaps it will show us not only the coolest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (in all its versions) and Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, but also a new watch. Such a presentation would definitely generate a lot of interest.

True, while I would not advise you to think that everything will be exactly like this. Some doubts still remain, so it's too early to talk about this with a 100% certainty. And not often recently, several expensive devices have been shown at one presentation at once. People should be prepared for this gradually, rather than being offered to fork out $ 2,000 right away, especially in the current economic crisis.

It's time to speak in our Telegram chat, would you like to buy such a watch and what price you think is fair for them.

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