Did you know? Samsung didn't want to buy Android and gave it to Google

Despite the fact that Google launched Android more than 10 years ago, a number of facts about this operating system still remain a mystery to many users. Few people knew that Android was developed by Andy Rubin's startup, and only then the promising project was bought out by Google, not to mention that the operating system itself was originally focused on digital cameras. Thanks to her, the creator planned to connect cameras with the cloud and rid the world of memory cards, which tended to run out and even fail, taking the accumulated files into oblivion. But there is an equally remarkable fact that, undoubtedly, may interest you.

Did you know?  Samsung didn't want to buy Android and gave it to Google

Android could be Samsung

In 2004, when Andy Rubin had just reoriented Android from digital cameras to smartphones, which were rapidly gaining popularity at the time, he tried to sell the upcoming Samsung operating system. The parties even met at the headquarters of the Korean company in Seoul, discussing the project, plans for its development and future prospects. Then Rubin tried to convince Samsung representatives that Android within the next five years could become one of the main mobile platforms on the market, but he failed.

Development history Android

Did you know?  Samsung didn't want to buy Android and gave it to Google

Samsung didn't believe that Android could take over the mobile OS market

The Koreans, after hearing the explanations of Rubin, who enthusiastically poured in with not yet fait accompli, felt that he was holding them for fools. Therefore, according to the participants in those events, after the creator Android finished his speech, Samsung representatives were silent for some time and just looked at each other. They decided that Rubin's plan to turn Android into a competitor to Symbian and Windows Mobile, which then shared the smartphone market, was completely unrealizable and even ridiculous.

As a result, the chairman of the board of directors of Samsung was found first, who asked in frank disbelief: 'Well, how are you going to do this? Do you already have an army of developers who will take care of your plans? Oh yes, your team consists of only six people. Are you not yourself? '. Then, as Rubin recalled, quiet, but quite obvious chuckles were heard in the hall, enough for the speaker to hear them and realize that he had nothing to catch here, and his plan was not worth a damn.

Android on Samsung smartphones

Did you know?  Samsung didn't want to buy Android and gave it to Google

Maybe if Samsung bought Android it would turn into the second Tizen

Significantly, just a day after Google bought Android, Rubin received a call from one of Samsung's top executives and asked for a meeting. According to him, the company wants to make him a very, very interesting proposal regarding his mobile operating system project. At that time, the Koreans did not yet know that the deal was completed. Despite the fact that its fact was kept in the strictest confidence, information leaks could not be avoided. However, Samsung only heard rumors that Google was interested in Rubin's project, although the company did not yet know about the fact that the platform had been acquired.

Obviously, the Koreans realized that they had miscalculated and tried to poach Rubin, but it was too late. Android was already owned by Google, and Rubin himself was recruited by the company as senior vice president, where he led the mobile and digital content business. I can imagine how upset they were at Samsung. However, here you need to understand that there is no guarantee that Koreans would be able to achieve the same success that Google has achieved. After all, it is possible that they could have started developing Android in a completely different scenario and as a result they would have got something unpromising like Tizen.

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