My perfect smartphone in 2020

If they ask me how I see the ideal smartphone in 2020, I will definitely give a link to this material, because right now I am ready to share with you my vision of what my ideal smartphone should be today. Of course, there will also be renders of this device in the material, so that you can imagine it better.

My perfect smartphone in 2020

My best smartphone of 2020

The aspect ratio of the screen will be 8: 3. It will get a small diagonal (maybe 5.5 inches) to fit comfortably in the hand. The display here will be super AMOLED with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, FHD + resolution, DC-Dimming function, 240 Hz touchscreen with a 20 ms response – twice as good as iPhone. A similar screen was shown by OnePlus.

The ratio of 8: 3 will make it long enough to conveniently browse content on the Internet, read articles, various interesting materials, besides, it is much more convenient to communicate with friends in this format due to the fact that more messages fit on the screen. And, of course, such a screen is also good for watching widescreen films.

My perfect smartphone in 2020

New interface and 8: 3 display aspect ratio

But an ideal smartphone has two screens. On the back panel there is a color E-Ink display, which is ideal for reading educational materials, news, articles. It will receive HD-resolution, since this is quite enough for an E-Ink screen – the text will appear clear. The presence of PWM (screen flickering) even with the DC-Dimming function enabled (smooths the display pulsation, which leads to a decrease in flicker), as well as the display technology itself, negatively affects vision, which is why it is best to use a second screen for reading long reads. In addition, the second display will be backlit here, which will make reading possible in the dark.
The device will receive a metal frame and 5th generation Gorilla Glass on both the front and back. At the same time, the glass on the back panel will be matte to make reading texts more comfortable.

My perfect smartphone in 2020

Super AMOLED – screen on the front and E-Ink display on the back

The Snapdragon 765 processor is responsible for the performance in the perfect 2020 smartphone, simply because it makes no sense to use something more powerful. The battery in the device will be 5000 mAh, and its thickness will be 8 mm. The phone will support 40W fast charging (0 to 100% up to 30 minutes). He will also receive 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. The perfect 2020 phone will run on Android with a modified interface. There will be no familiar desktop with application icons – it's boring and uninteresting. The device will receive screens with a ribbon and widgets, as well as a constantly working voice assistant.

The main screen of the phone should constantly display important information that is generated by the neural network depending on weather conditions, time of day and user interaction with the device. Also, when connected to a monitor through a special wire, the device should replace a full-fledged computer for us.

Andy Rubin's Essential 2 smartphone offers us something similar in terms of interface. In my opinion, this is the most unusual and interesting phone, if, of course, it will ever be presented.
My perfect smartphone in 2020

Essential Phone 2

The main camera in the ideal 2020 device will be retractable, so it is not visible in the render. In terms of photo quality, the smartphone should not be inferior to the rest of the flagships of 2020. In addition, on the front panel there is a MotionSense sensor that registers gestures, using it you can type on a virtual keyboard, similar to the one that Samsung recently showed.

On the bottom of the phone there is a button, by pressing which the battery will pop out from the bottom, by analogy with how it happens in LG G5. This will allow you to replace the device battery yourself, if necessary. The ideal phone has an Always On Display feature, but users can display not only messages there, but also application widgets.

This is what my perfect 2020 phone looks like. But it is also interesting that it is quite realistic to implement it. I am not suggesting a fantasy device. What's the perfect smartphone for you in 2020? Suggest your description of the ideal smartphone in the comments to this material. And don't forget about our Telegram.

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