All new Samsung will be cheaper than the old, except for the Galaxy Fold

Whatever one may say, but now all the talk will be about the upcoming presentation of Samsung. It is this company that is headlining the news, preparing to launch a new generation of its legendary Note, which has become a household name for this type of smartphones. Even other manufacturers do not disdain to use this name for their models and no one blames them for it. According to the latest information, what we expected and feared will not happen and new smartphones will cost less. All but one. There is a logical explanation for this state of affairs, and we will talk about it in this article.

All new Samsung will be cheaper than the old, except for the Galaxy Fold

Samsung's presentation is still the most anticipated event in the near future.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cost

According to rumors, Samsung may not only keep the price of the new Galaxy Note at last year's level, but even lower it by about $ 40. This is due to the market fall and the coronavirus pandemic. The difference may not seem very big, but considering that every year it becomes more and more difficult to develop a new smartphone, such a step towards meeting is respectable. Especially when you realize that this is a serious step for the manufacturer and that $ 40, which is nothing for an ordinary person, when selling 10 million smartphones turns into $ 400 million. And do not forget that initially the smartphone could “on duty” rise in price by 50 dollars. Then, even with such a rough calculation, the lost profit tends to a billion dollars.

This only applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 of both models (it was previously reported that there will be only regular and Ultra versions). As for the updated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, then its price should not change and will stop at about the same level as it was. There may be only minor exchange rate deviations for different markets. And, of course, this is not counting the fact that different countries have different taxes, and therefore the price also differs.

The most interesting changes will affect the continuation of the world's first folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. That is how it will now be called. Even the company itself made it clear.

All new Samsung will be cheaper than the old, except for the Galaxy Fold

The new folding Fold can be anything you want. Even like that.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 price

According to the South Korean news agency ETNews, the current price in the Galaxy Fold 2 store is $ 1,990 in South Korea, which is about $ 10 more than in the US. According to rumors, the price will rise due to the rather high demand for the first generation of the smartphone. Even the Galaxy Z Flip sold very well, and if we talk about the Galaxy Fold, which has been selling for much longer, the difference will be more obvious.

The company sold approximately half a million units of its first clamshell in a year. Even the difficult beginning of the history of the smartphone, when it was waited for a long time, and immediately after its release, the screens began to fail, did not prevent such good sales. It should be noted that they are not bad for a niche smartphone.

At the same time, it is logical to assume that at a price of about 2,000 dollars, few people will be scared off by throwing another “hundred and two”. Moreover, the novelty promises to be more interesting than last year's model.

All new Samsung will be cheaper than the old, except for the Galaxy Fold

This unit made a splash last year.

Even if there isn't a real increase in value, the company will figure out how to save money by removing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus wireless headphones from the box, which retail for about $ 100-110.

Cheap foldable Samsung

At the same time, rumors about the release of a cheaper folding smartphone – a lighter version of the Galaxy Fold – are reportedly not canceled and it will indeed appear. True, everyone understands that launching it at the same time as the expensive version would be a shot in the foot.

Firstly, if you sell the more expensive version of the device first, many will dig in and buy it. If you imagine both at once, the cheap option will beat off many buyers from the expensive one, and here you have to look at the profitability and which version contains more profit. Considering that the main money comes from the folding screen and the hinge, it is logical to assume that more profit will be in the expensive version.

Secondly, once again releasing a smartphone, especially one like a cheap folding Samsung, is always good in terms of unnecessary advertising and hype in the press. Such news will definitely be picked up, they will write a lot about this smartphone and the company as a whole.

All new Samsung will be cheaper than the old, except for the Galaxy Fold

Even if you just drop the price of this last year's smartphone to $ 1000, many will want to buy it.

When will the cheap Galaxy Fold come out?

The affordable Galaxy Fold is reportedly due towards the end of the year. Against the background of the above arguments, this seems to be the most logical. At the same time, I personally very much approve of the company's desire to release an affordable folding smartphone, although I said that I would not buy it and consider it a strange model. Here's a discrepancy. It just has to be and it doesn't matter what it will be. A cheap foldable smartphone just has to be.

As for the regular Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, its name has most likely been changed to bring the entire lineup to a common denominator and common name. This will make it easier for people to navigate.

According to recent rumors, the new foldable flagship will receive an internal display with a diagonal of 7.7 inches and an external one with a diagonal of 6.23 inches. Both screens will be larger than their predecessor, which is enough to spark interest. Well, the presence of Snapdragon 865+, 5G and 12/512 GB memory further fuels interest in the new product. However, let's first wait for her.

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