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Problems using Wi-Fi The operating system Android is the most popular mobile platform in the portable device market. One of the few drawbacks of this OS is the short battery life. One of the reasons the battery is draining quickly is that Wi-Fi is always on at Android. Starting with version 4.3, Google developers have enabled the GPS module to activate Wi-Fi on its own to improve its performance. In addition, the spontaneous inclusion of the Internet can occur for other reasons.


Devices with a mobile platform Android are often criticized for self-activating modules, updating applications, transferring data, and other similar actions. The reasons why Wi-Fi itself turns on at Android can be very diverse.

First of all, this is the already mentioned function of determining the exact location. GPS information and geolocation data play an important role in the operation of the gadget on Android. Inexperienced users often do not even realize that their device is constantly transmitting information about its location, while mercilessly draining the battery.

To understand why Wi-Fi turns on by itself on the phone Android, you need to consider the following aspects of the mobile device:

  • power saving mode;
  • presence of viruses on the smartphone;
  • installed third-party applications;
  • damage to the wireless Internet module.

As you can see, there can be quite a few reasons for the spontaneous activation of Wi-Fi on smartphones running the OS Android. Next, we'll take a closer look at why Wi-Fi itself turns on at Android, and how to fix this problem.

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So, with the reasons for the spontaneous activation of the module, everything is more or less clear, it's time to deal with the solution of possible problems.

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Disabling the Pinpoint Positioning (GPS) feature

Determining the location on devices Android allows you to get a lot of useful information – the GPS option makes it possible to find out about traffic jams, find the desired address, etc. But for the same reason, Wi-Fi turns on spontaneously at Android. Fortunately, gadgets running the OS Android allow you to disable and enable the geolocation mode at any time. For more detailed recommendations on turning off geolocation, see the article 'How to turn off GPS on Android'.

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Enabling Power Saving Mode

To increase the autonomy of the smartphone Android, it is possible to set the automatic switch to power saving mode. And if Wi-Fi at Android turns on by itself, it can help save the device's battery. It should be understood that in this state your device will not be able to provide up-to-date information on navigation on Google maps, and the functions of synchronizing applications, sending geolocation parameters, and data transfer will be very limited. Read about the solution to this problem in the article 'How to deactivate power saving mode'.

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Checking the device for viruses

While downloading files, transferring data between gadgets or simply surfing the Internet, viruses can penetrate your smartphone. If your Wi-Fi is constantly turned on at Android, this may be the result of virus software. Malicious applications are capable of blocking programs, affecting the device's performance, and forcing the gadget to independently send various data using a Wi-Fi connection. To understand the problem of the presence of viruses and remove them on your device, see the article 'How to check Android for viruses'. Check Android for viruses

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Removing third-party applications

There are situations when viruses are not detected on the smartphone, all functions that can activate the module are disabled, but Wi-Fi is still automatically turned on at Android. The point may be that one of the installed applications requires a Wi-Fi connection and implements it itself. Some programs may contain virus modules and transfer personal user data. To fix this situation, you need to go to 'Settings', then the 'Applications' menu and select 'Third Party' in it. Evaluate the list of installed software and remove applications that you consider suspicious.

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Restoring factory settings

If all the above tips did not help and the Wi-Fi module continues to turn on on its own, you can resort to the most radical measures – reset the settings. It is important to understand that this step will delete all user preferences, settings and personal data. However, sometimes it is worth sacrificing information to solve the problem of spontaneous activation of Wi-Fi. Moreover, most of the personal data and settings can be saved by first making a backup of the system.

For instructions on how to reset the settings, see the publication 'How to restore factory settings'.

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Service Center Help

Quite often, the situation when Wi-Fi is automatically turned on on Android cannot be solved by the efforts of the user, since the reason lies in the hardware. In this case, the only correct solution would be to contact a specialized service center for help. Experienced experts will assess the state of the hardware of the smartphone, including the Wi-Fi module. If it turns out that this is the problem, it will be possible to repair or replace the failed components. As a rule, the elimination of such problems does not require large investments. Service Android

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Consequences of spontaneous activation of Wi-Fi

Spontaneous activation of the Wi-Fi module can be quite a serious problem. Due to the fact that the smartphone gets free access to the Internet, it can update applications without the knowledge of the owner, send various data. In addition, on low-power devices, this leads to a difficult response to user actions and general system braking. The main inconvenience is the fast battery drain.

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Battery difficulties

The problem of self-enabling the Wi-Fi module on devices running the OS Android is very common. The consequences can be quite dire – the battery will discharge very quickly. As a result, you will not be able to use the device when necessary, easily miss an important call, a message in a messenger, or the functionality of the device will be reduced until you restore the charge. The tips given by us in this article will help to avoid this.

How you can further increase the autonomy of your mobile device, read the article 'Increasing battery power Android'.

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