How to turn off the sound of an incoming call on Android by turning the screen

Even though I cannot call myself a fan Android, I admit that in my case it is the most optimal platform, both in terms of usability and available features. Google's mobile operating system has its drawbacks, but for me it fulfills its function as efficiently as possible. It's another matter that I still lack something in it. As a rule, these are the functions that are on iOS and not on Android. But if Google developers regularly spy on certain functions from Apple and implement them in themselves, then they rarely pay attention to other platforms. And completely in vain.

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Turning your smartphone over to mute an incoming call is real

It seems that about 12 years ago, I used the Omnia HD smartphone from Samsung. It worked on the basis of Symbian and I liked the surprisingly well thought-out functional range. One of the tricks in which I literally doted was the ability to muffle the incoming call signal by turning the smartphone screen down. That is, the call was terminated, but the call itself was not dropped. It was very convenient in situations when you do not want to answer a call, but you also lack courage. It's strange that none of the other smartphones I've used had this feature. But Google finally realized that it was convenient, and embodied it in its 'Phone' app.

How to install the Google Phone app

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Google releases 'Phone' update to mute incoming call

First, I'll explain how to download the Google Phone app, because it might not be obvious. The fact is that it was originally intended for Google Pixel smartphones, but recently the developers of the search giant released a public beta build of the application, which everyone can already install.

  • Follow this link and register for the beta testing program;
  • Then open the web version of Google Play and download the 'Phone' app (problems may arise via mobile Google Play);

Phone app

Turn on the mute function in settings

  • Start the 'Phone' and give it the necessary privileges;
  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Advanced' and enable the 'Mute on flip' feature.

Disable incoming call signal


Screen rotation mute is not available on all devices

From now on, you will be able to mute incoming calls if you do not want to pick up the phone so that they do not annoy you. Of course, you can simply press the volume down key, which usually mutes the beep. But in reality it is a double-edged sword. On some smartphones, the volume keys are very close to the power button, which in turn drops an incoming call. Because of this, you can inadvertently drop the call and discover the fact that, generally speaking, you have seen all this time that they are trying to get through to you.

Despite the fact that the beta version of the application is available on all devices, be prepared for the fact that your version of the mute function when turning the smartphone screen down may not appear at all. It is not known what exactly this is connected with, but most likely the smartphone model and the presence of special sensors matter. Of course, the accelerometer, which is responsible for recognizing screen rotation, is present in all devices, but the accuracy with which it does this can differ from device to device. So just check.

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