How to view information about the system, about the phone?

Android device specifications Brief information about your device is located here: Settings> About phone (About device). You can see:

  • device name and model,
  • device model,
  • version of the manufacturer's proprietary shell,
  • Android version,
  • latest security update (instead of antivirus),
  • the amount of internal memory, the amount of RAM,
  • processor model,
  • kernel version,
  • communication module firmware,
  • signal level for each SIM card,
  • IMEI code of each SIM card,
  • Wi-fi MAC address.

Phone information

But you can get more detailed information, including the charge and state of the battery, temperature, built-in sensors and what technologies the processor supports, only by installing additional software.

All device characteristics, benchmark (performance evaluation)

Install the System Info Droid application in the Play Store.

On the main screen, the application displays general information about the device:

General device information

But the following tabs are also available:

  • Summary – summarized general information.
  • System – information about the Android system in the phone, including the manufacturer and software version. System information
  • Processor – information about the processor. Shows online operating frequency of all cores. Processor information
  • GPU: Model, Technologies Supported, Working Resolution, and Maximum Resolution. Info graphics processor
  • Network – information about wi-fi and mobile connections. Network information Audi o Chip – information about speakers and supported audio codecs.
  • Memory – built-in and external memory (memory card) in the device.
  • Display – screen resolution, operating frequency, size in inches and pixel density.
  • Camera – specifications of the main camera + selfie camera: resolution, zoom, supported photo and video technologies.
  • Temperature – temperature of the battery and phone hardware.
  • Battery – battery charge and condition, voltage, volume, production technology.
  • Sensors – information about built-in sensors and sensors in the phone. Orientation sensor in space, proximity and movement sensor and others.

Select “Benchmark“ from the application menu to test the performance of your device and compare with other phones. Click Start to start the assessment.

Benchmark score

My phone Xiaomi Redmi 6 (4/64) scored 20761 points. This is the average result for the power of the device.

Conclusion: System Info Droid – be sure to install this free app on your phone / tablet to get complete information about your device. The application also has 2 useful utilities – cleaning the RAM and managing installed applications (delete, copy, open)

System Info Droid (Info, Tools and Benchmark)  System Info Droid (Info, Tools and Benchmark) Download QR-Code System Info Droid (Info, Tools and Benchmark) Developer: ValenByte Price: Free

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