Slows down Google Play. What to do

Google Play – for all its flaws – is the key service that actually defines Android. Without it, users would be deprived of the opportunity to receive notifications, pay for purchases using a contactless method, update, not to mention download applications. Google understands this and tries to keep Google Play in good working order, regularly updating and improving it in every possible way. However, from time to time, even with Google Play, something happens, and it starts to slow down mercilessly.

Slows down Google Play.  What to do

Google Play is a key Google service, but it sometimes crashes

I know firsthand about Google Play brakes. I came across them on at least two of my smartphones running Android. But if in the first case this effect occurred only in the second year of use, then in the second – excuse the pun – already before the expiration of the first. Fortunately, in both cases, I was able to identify the causes of the problems and eliminate them.

Why Google Play slows down

The most common reason for slowdowns in Google Play is a crash due to the abundance of updates. Google's branded application catalog regularly receives new versions, which are layered on top of each other and at some point begin to conflict. As a result, it may take Google Play instead of one or two seconds to launch – all 10 or even 15. The catalog screen will simply remain white and load slowly and slowly. In general, the story is not pleasant, but you can fix it – by deleting the accumulated updates.

  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Applications';
  • Open the page dedicated to Google Play;

Slows down Google Play.  What to do

Uninstall Google Play updates to overclock it

  • Launch the context menu and click 'Uninstall updates';
  • Try restarting Google Play – the launch should be noticeably faster.

How to opt out of beta testing Google Play

In the second case, the reason was the use of an unstable test build. It was just that one day I had to install a beta version of Google Play, which I safely forgot to demolish and left it that way. What this led to, I think you already understood yourself. The catalog began to work noticeably slower than before. The problem was solved by installing the stable version of Google Play. True, this is not as obvious as it seems.

  • Follow this link and cancel your participation in the Google Play beta testing;
  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Applications' – Google Play;

Slows down Google Play.  What to do

Perhaps it is the test build that slows down Google Play

  • Uninstall Google Play updates;
  • Wait for the automatic installation of the stable build of Google Play.

Apps are not downloaded from Google Play

However, from time to time there are users who complain not so much about the launch speed of Google Play as about the brakes when downloading applications. To be honest, I myself have never encountered this, but I decided to study this problem. In the end, it won't be an hour before something similar happens to my smartphone. Therefore, it is better to have a contingency plan in case of an emergency. As expected, I found the answer.

They say that it's all about interruptions in the Internet connection. This does happen because Google Play runs on Google's cloud servers that power many other services and sites. Sometimes it happens that operators begin to block the IP addresses of these servers, as was the case with Telegram, or pessimize them, cutting down the speed of their processing. Therefore, you need to use DNS.

How to change DNS to Android

  • Download application from Google Play;

Slows down Google Play.  What to do

DNS can both protect your traffic and speed up your internet connection

  • Install it and run;
  • Activate DNS and try starting Google Play again.

Changing DNS allows you to redirect your traffic to a different, shorter or more profitable route in terms of prioritization. As a result, Google Play itself will launch faster, and less time will be spent on downloading applications, not to mention a multiple reduction in spontaneous download stops.

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