How to turn off the sound of the camera in the device on Android

This article will focus on how to turn off the camera sound on Android, because there are situations when Camera Android the sound of the shutter is inappropriate at the moment it is triggered. Such situations were encountered more than once among students, ordinary people, or those who just like to take pictures of passers-by without attracting the attention of others. There are several options to mute the camera Android, which are presented below.

Method 1. Turn on silent mode

Activate the silent mode on the device. This is the simplest path, which can also be done in several ways. It can be turned on by lowering the shutter of the device and select, or go to settings / sound / profiles and activate 'Silent'.

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Method 2. Disable it in the settings of the photo application

To do this, you need to launch 'Camera', select settings, open 'Shutter Sound' and tap on the 'Off' item.

Camera Shutter sound Switch off

But, there are also manufacturers in which it is simply impossible to remove the shutter sound to Android. Such manufacturers include Samsung. They did this because in their country, by law, photography must be audible so that people know when someone is photographing them.

But since we do not have such a law, the following paragraphs will consider how to achieve the desired goal.


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Method 3. Root rights + Total Commander or another explorer

In this situation, you need to go through the explorer to system / media / audio / ui, delete or rename the focus.ogg and camera.ogg files. It will be safer to rename it to any other name, so that if necessary, you can turn on the sound, they can be renamed back to the name that was originally.

The file names may differ slightly depending on the Android version.

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How to get ROOT rights: Video

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Method 4. Installing a third-party application

This option will be of interest to those who are not eager to climb into the depths of their device and rename or delete something there. To do this, you just need to find a suitable third-party camera on Google Play, with the provided silent mode function. There are many such applications. One of the most popular applications called “Silent Camera”.

Silent Camera app

You can download it here.

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How to turn off camera sound on Android: Video

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