Getting root on Android 5

Gadgets running OS Android are evolving so quickly that users sometimes do not keep up with new products. Modern devices have become faster and more powerful, and their shells are much lighter and more attractive. Nevertheless, you can still find a huge number of requests on the network like 'root for Android 5Lollipop or 6'. Obviously, there are still problems on Android, and users are forced to look for ways to improve their smartphones and tablets on their own.

Getting root on Android 5

What is root on Android

Root is understood as the right to access the capabilities, functions and folders of the operating system at the administrator level.

Such access is opened using third-party software tools, and a gadget with superuser rights can be unlimitedly controlled in terms of consumption and use of system resources.

Root rights allow you to correct the standard installed software, as well as use applications that were previously unavailable. But such intervention in the operating system does not always end with success.

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Checking root rights

Usually, you need to check if you have root access in the following cases:

  1. Used device purchased.
  2. After rooting.

In turn, the check is available in the following ways:

  1. Manual.
  2. Software.

The first option requires a file manager, with which you can easily find certain files, folders and archives on the device that indicate the signs of root. The second method is even simpler: a special program will tell you if there is root. For example, the Root Checker app, which can be downloaded from Google Play. The SuperSU program is considered an equally convenient tool.

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Obtaining superuser rights on Android 5.x Lollipop

There is no universal way to set root rights to Android 5. Each gadget model has its own 'own' method, which may not work on other, even very similar devices. The most successfully used software method using a computer. Sometimes the case is done with one application per Android. The best choice is determined by trial and error, that is, by practice.

In the most difficult case, to get root-rights on Android 5, you may need:

  • a computer;
  • set of drivers;
  • special utility;
  • customRecovery;
  • archive for obtaining root rights.

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Root with KingRoot

This method is well known and has been successfully used for a long time on a variety of Android firmwares and models. KingRoot v4.9.6 supports about 10 thousand smartphones and tablets and more than 40 thousand firmware versions from 2.3 to 5.1.

On the developer's website, the program is positioned as innovative. The fact is that recently two versions of it have been available – for Android and Windows. You can get root using a mobile application or using a program installed on a PC.

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Using a PC

This method is recognized by experts as the most reliable. It also differs in a certain complexity, more precisely, in labor intensity:

  1. Both devices must be prepared accordingly. The smartphone must be charged to a level of at least 50%, and the PC must be connected to an uninterruptible power supply – if suddenly the power is cut off, the phone can turn into a brick.
  2. You need a working USB cable.
  3. You must turn off the antivirus on both devices.
  4. The following manipulations are performed in the gadget settings:
  • USB debugging is enabled;
  • the ban on downloading from unknown sources is disabled.

To root with this method, you must:

  1. Download KingRoot to your computer.
    Download KingRoot on your computer
  2. Connect Android to PC and open the application on PC.
    Getting root on Android 5
  3. After identifying the gadget, press the 'Root' button. The operation may take several minutes, after which the gadget will reboot. If this does not happen automatically, you must do it manually.
    Getting root on Android 5
  4. Install KingUser. This application allows you to manage root access and is usually installed automatically, but sometimes you have to do it manually. You can find the program at
    Getting root on Android 5
  5. Remove KingRoot. The application is used only to obtain root rights.

Further distribution of root rights will be handled by KingUser, which has an application manager, a startup management menu, and a one-touch full backup system. The program allows you to track requests for root rights by other applications. In terms of functionality, it is similar to SuperSU.

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On the gadget

It is clear that the user is more comfortable with the option of using KingRoot directly on the device itself Android. No computer, no cable needed, and less work. But you still have to charge the gadget and back up (save) important data.

For the rest, you need to do just a couple of steps:

  1. Download and open the app.
    Getting root on Android 5
  2. Press the 'Start Root' button and wait until the procedure is completed.
  3. After the utility is 'familiar', the interface will change – the logo Android will turn red.

Getting root on Android 5

This is all over – root-rights have been successfully obtained.

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Root with Framaroot

This application tops the rating of programs with which you can get root-rights without a PC on Android 5. The utility allows you to become a superuser in a few clicks, which requires:

  1. Prepare Android: charge, enable download from unknown sources and block antivirus.
  2. Download ARK and install the latest version of Framroot from the official website.
  3. Launch the application and select the rooting program (it is recommended to use SuperSu), as well as a character from the list proposed by the program (the character can be anything).
  4. Wait until the program is notified about the successful receipt of root rights, and then restart the device.

If the SuperSu application appears in the menu, the rights are definitely obtained.

The above methods do not work on all devices, especially when it comes to Chinese phones or little-known brands. On them it is more realistic, and even safer to get root-rights only with the installation of custom firmware. Otherwise, root can crash or install incorrectly and impair device performance.

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Remove root

You may need to remove root access for various reasons, including because of bugs that arise in the system due to the 'crooked' installed root. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Manually. This method is possible by giving root rights to the file manager. It helps to find and delete files with the .su and ARK extensions, the names of which contain a hint of root, for example, Superuser.apk.
  2. Using SuperSU, if third-party firmware was not installed.

After updating the OS, root also disappears. Therefore, it is also possible to abandon it by flashing it. You can try to resolve the issue by rolling back to the factory settings. But if root is installed on custom firmware via custom Recovery, this method will not work.

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How to get root (root) rights to Android (Android) 5.0: Video

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