How to set iOS to Android

iOS to Android Today, the mobile device market is dominated by gadgets with Android and IOS operating systems. People using the first operating system know how convenient and functional it is, besides, devices on Android (minus flagships) are more affordable than on IOS. However, every owner Android of the device at least once had an idea to install an operating system IOS on their phone or tablet. This article will detail how to set IOS to Android.

Preparatory work before installation iOS

First, you need to clean the device from viruses and remove all unnecessary applications. After that, reset the gadget to factory settings (settings – restore and reset – reset settings).


It is also important to make a backup copy of the firmware and find out how to roll back in case of unforeseen circumstances. The shell must be updated to version 2.3 or higher. This will increase the likelihood that the installation of IOS to Android will be successful. It is important to remind that in case of unsuccessful manipulations, you can simply turn the device into an interior item, which will not be helped by anything other than contacting the repairmen.

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Start installation

Now we will describe the installation itself step by step:

  1. We connect the gadget to the computer. Among the proposed items, select 'USB debugging'.

    USB debugging

  2. Next, connect the gadget to the charger (if the phone or tablet does not have a USB charging function). All files of the operating system must be copied to the memory card, and from it to the computer.
  3. After that, you need to turn off the phone, dismantle the battery from it and insert a card with a zip archive IOS on it. Unfortunately, there will be no links where to download the operating system, you cannot find it on any official website, and besides, craftsmen create different versions for each device.
  4. Then, you need to do a Factory Reset on the device. To do this, just hold down all the keys (or a combination of them) on the gadget in the off state. The volume buttons are the navigation tool.
  5. After the reset, you need to start the installation of the operating system from the same menu as Factory Reset. To do this, you need to specify the archive with the installed operating system.
  6. The installation process can take a long time. After finishing, you need to do Factory Reset again.
  7. The last step is to launch the device. This process takes about 20 minutes. If the screen lights up and the start menu of the operating system appears, this is a sign that it was possible to set IOS 7 to Android.
  8. In case of freezing or incorrect operation, you can try to put Android from a backup, if this did not work, then there is a direct road to the service center.

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Options without installing an operating system

iOS 8 Launcher

Many users who are wondering whether it is possible to set IOS to Android should find out that there is a way to change the appearance of the operating system without interfering with the software part. To do this, just install a special launcher.

This slight improvement turns the device into a semblance iPhone. However, only 2 methods are suitable for full use – the one described above or buying a gadget from Apple. In any case, everyone chooses for himself: take a chance and try, or just use substitutes.

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How to set iOS to Android: Video

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