How to remotely control someone else's phone and tablet?

AnyDesk  for Android In this article I will tell you how you can remotely control someone else's device on Android.

To work, we need an administration application: AnyDesk or TimeViewer .

AnyDesk control

Through the AnyDesk application, you can control not only smartphones and tablets, but also personal computers on windows.

  1. Install the application on both devices. AnyDesk
  2. To connect to another device, you just need to specify its address and password. Tell this data to another user. Address and password
  3. So that I can control another device, I specify its remote address, password and press “Connect”. Connect

It is the fastest and most convenient free application for controlling other devices today.

AnyDesk - remote control AnyDesk - remote control Download QR-Code AnyDesk – Remote Control Developer: AnyDesk Software GmbH Price: Free back to content

TimeViewer control

TimeViewer app allows you to remotely control mobile devices and PCs. You can share files between devices without restrictions.

  1. Install the TimeViewer application on both devices. TimeViewer
  2. Enter your partner ID and password to control another device. Select the type of control: “Remote control” or “File transfer”. Controlling the device remotely
  3. To control your device, you need to provide your ID and password (requires TimeViewer QuickSupport installation). Install the application (the program will suggest it). Access ID

TeamViewer Remote Access TeamViewer Remote Access Download QR Code TeamViewer – Remote Access Developer: TeamViewer Price: Free

Conclusion: these two applications discussed in the article are the easiest to use and also free. Use them to transfer files remotely or solve some problem on another Android device or PC.

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