How do I clear the cache on my phone?

Optimization Android Caches, or cached data, are temporary application files installed on your phone. Sometimes these files are necessary for the program and games to work, but often they can be deleted without any consequences for the device's performance.

All installed applications in the phone constantly accumulate temporary files that are not needed for work and only take up memory in the phone. In this article, we will analyze several ways how to clear the cache from applications and the browser, how to clear the cache of a specific application, and which applications can be used to clean it.

Clear all cache and temporary files

Go to Settings -> Storage -> Cache. We select “Clear cache”.

Or: Settings -> About phone -> Storage -> Cache data. And then we select “Clear cache” – the cached data of all applications will be deleted.

Cache data

Additionally, you can run standard cleaning on your phone. Scroll down the page and find the “Cleaning” option, or use the search for settings.

Cleaning your phone

The cleaner will scan the entire device and offer to clean the memory: program data files, useless files, unnecessary data packets, data leftovers (after uninstalling applications) and installed applications cache memory.

Clearing phone memory

I recommend cleaning once a week – keep an eye on the condition of your smartphone.

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Clear the cache of a specific application

If you need to, you can clear the cache of any installed application. To do this, go to Settings -> All Applications.

Select the desired application and click and click “Clear” (Delete cache). In this case, you can clean not only the program cache, but also all installed updates on it, i.e. return the old version of the application. This is not always useful because the program will offer to update again at the next start.

Clear cache

These were 2 simple standard ways to quickly clear memory and cache. Now let's analyze a couple of applications from the Play Market.

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Clear cache with CCleaner

I must say right away, be careful with programs that promise to optimize the performance of your device. Never defragment your phone! Do not use several cleaning programs at the same time. In general, there are so many services in such applications that instead of optimizing them, they only slow down the phone.

Use only 1 useful application – CCleaner (available in the Play Store, the basic version is free). The program has several useful services:

  1. Automatically securely delete cache memory, temporary files, application cache, empty folders, downloads. You can manually delete what you don't want to delete. And the program will complete automatic cleaning. CCleaner cleaning
  2. Optimization. The program will stop running applications to free memory and keep other resources available. Manually select the programs you want to stop and click “Close Applications”. Close Apps
  3. Fast cleaning – do it once a week. The program will quickly analyze the workspace of the phone and offer to safely delete the cache and temporary files.
  4. Browse Multimedia: Finds similar and bad photos and large video files that you can delete. Multimedia overview
  5. Application overview: which programs consume the most battery power, spend more traffic, take up more space on the phone, and have not launched for a long time. Unused applications can be removed based on statistics. Multimedia overview
  6. Transfer to cloud: Data from your phone can be transferred to the connected cloud storage to free up space. Dropbox and Google Drive are available. Cloud services

All these functions are available in the free version of the program, with them you can delete the application cache, clear memory and optimize the device.

CCleaner: junk cleaning and optimization, free CCleaner: junk cleaning and optimization, free Download QR-Code CCleaner: Junk Cleanup & Optimization, Free Developer: Piriform Price: Free

These three methods are enough to keep track of your phone and clean your memory of unnecessary files.

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Video how to clear the cache on your phone

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