Another potential failure from Motorola. Now Edge +

On the one hand, we can say that there is nothing wrong with screens like 'waterfall', and many called them a promising new technology and even a trend of 2020. There is something in this statement, but somehow the public accepted such displays too controversially. Although, I have already dealt with two devices with such screens, but I still cannot say how I feel about this. So far, rather neutral, but why continue to release them, I still cannot understand. Moreover, this time the company came to this, at the mention of which the anecdote about the buried stewardess immediately comes to mind. It would seem that they have already profited with the release of the smartphone … However, first things first. What is this brand and smartphone? Anyway, what does the stewardess have to do with it? ..

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

New items from Motorola always arouse interest, but not always respect.

Let's talk about everything in order. Let's start with the news itself, which causes some misunderstanding with a slight smack of common discontent.

You guessed it, the brand I wrote about above is Motorola. Somehow she is very active in trying to surprise the audience, but often it turns out some kind of nonsense with a pen, and not a normal technique. Although, we must admit that their previous attempt, in the face of the re-release of the RAZR, I took quite optimistically, and they managed to ruin everything.

When is Motorola Edge + coming out?

Since Motorola was acquired by Lenovo, the direction of its activities has changed a lot. Prior to this, the company adhered to a fairly strict orientation of the models. This is especially noticeable in the example of the frequency with which smartphones began to appear in new categories. The only sadness is the fact that the categories are not so new and they already have their own leaders. There is nothing wrong with imposing competition, but these niches are such that there is no need for competition.

There is no information yet, but the leaks of OnLeaks and Pricebaba indicate that the release of such a novelty is quite possible. Moreover, no one believed in the exit Motorola of Razr either, but it came out, although it became a failure for the company.

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

The smartphone was interesting, but apart from the skin with the classic RAZR, nothing pleased.

The exact release date, unfortunately, has not been disclosed, but it is highly likely that the smartphone will not be released earlier than mid-summer, or even will be timed to coincide with the launch Android 11.

Features Motorola Edge +

Firstly, the most important characteristic of this smartphone will be the lack of imagination of its creators and marketers responsible for creating this device. About five years ago, Samsung already released something like that. No? Well, okay, let's assume that this is just a coincidence, albeit too obvious, and that it would be good for the company to buy some kind of startup that deals with creative names. After all, even Waterfall would be a more interesting title than Edge.

The rest of the characteristics make you nod your head respectfully, thinking that although the trends have not missed here (but this is not certain). Among these characteristics, one can note dimensions similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – 161.1 x 71.3 x 9.5 mm. The volume buttons and the Power button, apparently, will remain physical, unlike the same Huawei Mate 30 Pro, where the volume changes with swipes across the screen.

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

In general, the design is normal, but late. In position Motorola you need to 'move' faster.

The frames will be small, and the camera will be located in the corner of the screen in the island, which is becoming a big trend, but still does not find a response in my heart, tormented by the same smartphones. The diagonal of the display will be 6.67 inches, and the resolution will be 2340 by 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

The smartphone will be charged via USB Type-C, but there is a place on the case for the headphone jack. What is this, an attempt to please users who have come to terms with its absence, or the company simply forgot that it is not in trend? This remains a mystery.

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

The back wall very subtly hints at individuality.

There are three chambers on the back wall in the corner of the case. There is nothing to say, and this option is really better than the cameras in the middle, as was previously the case with Samsung, who realized that they had to get away from this.

The smartphone will work on Snapdragon 865, which seems to be not bad, but by the time it is released it will be almost outdated and will find its place in a dozen flagships from different manufacturers. But it will support 5G, and 12 GB of RAM will really appeal to those who are not ready to put up with small values. The 5000 mAh battery will help the smartphone achieve impressive autonomy, if, of course, there are no problems with optimization.

Where will Motorola Edge + be available?

When and where the smartphone will be sold is not yet clear. We will most likely find out this only at the presentation or a few days before it. So far, one thing is clear for sure that in the US it will definitely be and, most likely, exclusively in Verizon, with which the company has such a warm relationship.

The price is also unclear, but, apparently, it will not be low. At least because of the components. On the other hand, the company has a chance to keep the price down and thus attract buyers by competing with brands like OnePlus, which is preparing an eighth family, or even RealMe, which offers models even cheaper than competitors.

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

Such a smartphone may exist, but it must be cheap to 'shoot'.

What happened to Motorola?

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering where the American brand will come. One thing is for sure – there are only two options. It will take off if the company can release a couple of interesting models for good money. Or it will be a failure and everyone will understand that it will be useless to do this and it is time to finally “bury the stewardess”.

Nokia is in a similar position, which, although it tries very hard, cannot assemble a normal smartphone that will attract attention, over and over again releasing smartphones in which there is nothing outstanding. She is saved only by the fact that in the category that used to belong to Huawei and Honor, there is a slight distrust of them due to the conflict with the US government. This is how Nokia drives out at a price tag of $ 200-300.

Another potential failure from Motorola.  Now Edge +

Would you buy such a smartphone for the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20?

It’s sad to see once cool brands drown in the depths of the market before adapting to changes. On the other hand, empires are constantly rising and falling, replaced by new empires. Now is the time Apple, Huawei, Samsung and to a lesser extent BBK. Let's see what will happen next. Perhaps some of them did not have much time left either.

I wanted to cite at the end the same anecdote about the stewardess, but you yourself can easily find it on the request “it's time to dig out the stewardess”. Perhaps you will be imbued with the irony that is hidden in the application of this anecdote in this situation.

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