How to put a ringtone or contact on an Android phone

Ringtone Android I want to tell you how to set a ringtone on Android. Because, as a person who has just started using a phone with this OS may find it difficult to understand this function, it is simply hidden a little deep in the settings, and walking with a standard ringtone can be annoying, because some manufacturers do not have no taste, setting ugly.

So, the song to call the Android phone is installed in several ways.

Method one

  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. Select Sound from the Device category.

    Gadget settings

  3. After that, under the inscription 'Sounds and vibration', you need to click on the line 'Ringtone' to display a list of suggested standard sounds.

To add your favorite song that is on the device's memory, you need to press the 'Plus' key on the top right. A list will open with all found audio files on the device.

Ringtone Sound settings Song selection

Note – the names of categories and items may not correspond to those given in the example. Different manufacturers may have different names, but the logic will be exactly the same, so problems should arise in practice. If you want to reset the settings, please read the link.

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How to set a melody to a contact on Android: Video

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Method two

This option consists in installing via a standard player, which should be on your phone by default. This option is very convenient, because when listening to music, you can make an incoming call directly from the player's menu, without again searching for it through the system settings of the mobile phone.

Just while listening to music, press the 'Operations' button and select 'Set as Ringtone'.

Audio recording options

You can also put a separate song on a specific contact. ВAndroid a melody to a certain number is set through the phone book, by changing the entry.

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Execution steps

  1. Open the number book on your mobile device, select the desired number.
  2. Information about the person is displayed. You need to tap on the pencil icon on the top right to get into the contact editor.

    Contact editor

  3. Click on the 'Ringtone' item to set one of the default ringtones or through the plus icon one of the songs in the memory of your device.

Change contact Setting the ringtone

Note: also keep in mind that the item names may not be the same as those shown by me.
If you are not satisfied with the volume of your device, you can adjust it using the link.

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How to set your own ringtone on Android: Video

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