Calling the Recovery menu on OS Android

Recovery Android Recovery menu Android is a special mode, when you switch to which you can flash Android again, reset device settings, or get superuser rights (ROOT).

Calling the Recovery menu on OS Android: Video

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Enabling Recovery on Android

How to run Recovery on Android? After all, you cannot get into this menu by means of a standard inclusion. In smartphones and tablets of different brands, this is done in this way. You will need to turn off your device and disconnect the charger and USB cable from it. Then you need to simultaneously hold down one of the button combinations:

  • volume up and ON-OFF;
  • central button and ON-OFF;
  • central button, ON-OFF and volume up;
  • volume down and ON-OFF.

Key combination

Alternative keyboard shortcut Alternative keyboard shortcut

How to open the Recovery menu on Android? After starting, in the window that appears, select the 'Recovery' item with the volume rockers, and this special menu opens with the power button. Also, the ON / OFF button serves to confirm the selection of any item (like the Enter key in Windows).

Key functions
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How to restore firmware on Android: Video

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The benefits of backup in devices

Many people have faced such an unpleasant phenomenon as the loss of necessary files on their mobile device. So that incidents of this kind do not overshadow users, there is Backup – backup of various kinds of documents. The necessary folders are saved to external media, as you know, just in case.

Suddenly, some harmful virus will appear or something, and you are fully armed and with a copy of precious information. Let's look at how to make Backup Android via Recovery, which we now know how to enter. I would like to note right away that we will talk on the topic of backing up programs and settings of the Android OS itself, since an operating system that works well and without glitches is already important information.

For this we need:

  • Get Root rights (they will allow you to act on your smartphone as an administrator);
  • Download Titanium Backup program on Google Play from the link and install it on your device.

When installing the software for the first time, you will see a request for Root-rights, to which you will need to respond with the “Allow” button, and checking the “Remember” option will simplify the subsequent possible installations. Pay special attention: do not press various buttons without knowing for sure what they are doing.

The Titanium Backup program is quite 'in the teeth' of disabling your smartphone with inept use of the utility.

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How to get ROOT rights: Video

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Backup Algorithm

  • Run the program, select the 'Backups' option.


  • In the window that opens, opposite the 'Full copying of user data, programs and settings' item, click the 'Start' button.

Selecting the desired item

  • Confirm your choice with the button in the upper right corner

Confirmation of selection

  • In the window that appears, select the programs to be saved and click the 'Start batch processing of applications' button, wait while Backup is in progress.
  • After the end of the backup, a window will appear again, where all the saved files will be visible. Be sure to look at the icons to the right of these files – if there are exclamation marks among them, it means the copying was not correct. One of the reasons for this may be incorrectly obtained root rights, so we advise you to carefully choose the source of obtaining superuser rights.

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What if you need to use a backup?

  • In the Titanium Backup program, go to the 'Processing' item, select 'Restore';
  • In the window that opens, select 'Restore all software with data';

If you need to restore only a few programs, and not the entire system as a whole, then in the program item 'Backups' check the necessary boxes. After that, select 'Restore' in the same way. Now you know what to do if Recovery does not start on Android.

Item recovery

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