Best Android – smartphones for your money for 2020

We live in a very unusual time, and this is not just a catchphrase. On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic forced global corporations to stop producing their products, and the ruble against the dollar fell to a 2016 low. On the other hand, retailers not only do not raise prices for equipment, which should rise in price in the first place, but, on the contrary, arrange grandiose sales, and those that one did not have to dream of even in a quieter time. True, sometimes you need to look carefully for such.

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

You can buy any smartphone, but it's best to do it profitably

What is Tmall

Tmall is currently running a promotion where you can buy some smartphones at a significant discount. What? Haven't heard of Tmall? Then I explain. In fact, this Internet site is the Russian-speaking part of AliExpress, but it differs from it in that it presents exclusively certified goods, which are often traded either by Tmall itself or by large Russian retailers. There you will find Megafon, Citylink, Beeline, Refrigerator branded stores and other retail chains.

If you are interested in iPhone, and you are looking for where to buy a flagship smartphone Apple at a discount, go to Apple There we discussed in detail which iPhone are now more profitable to buy on Tmall. Here we will talk about devices under control Android, which we consider to be the most optimal in terms of price and performance.

Best low-cost smartphone of 2020

Despite the fact that recently I myself said that the Galaxy A51 is inferior to the Galaxy A71 both in battery capacity, and in terms of the amount of RAM, and in terms of the power and energy efficiency of the processor, the balance of power has changed somewhat recently. If a week ago the difference in price between Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 was around 3-4 thousand rubles, now it has reached 8 thousand, because now the younger model on Tmall can be bought for less than 15 thousand rubles. This is a really good discount, considering that you won't find it cheaper than $ 20,000 in official retail.

Why buy the Galaxy A51

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

If asked what smartphone I would buy now, I would unconditionally choose the Galaxy A51

First, the Galaxy A51 is very beautiful and looks like a real flagship. Outwardly, you will not distinguish it from the Galaxy S20, because this year Samsung was too lazy and did not draw different designs for different smartphones, but simply packed both top-end and budget devices into the same case. So what if the Galaxy A51 is made of plastic? But such material does not break and dampens impacts better.

Secondly, the Galaxy A51 has a very cool display. It may be inferior to the Galaxy S20, but if you don't compare them directly, you will be more than satisfied with the picture quality.

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

Looking for the best smartphone for the least money? Take your Galaxy A51

Thirdly, the Galaxy A51 has an excellent quad camera with telephoto, ultra-wide and macro. With such a camera, you can take high-quality pictures in a variety of shooting scenarios. The main thing is straight arms.

You can get a discount on Galaxy A51 using promo code DOMA1700. However, remember that the promotion is valid until April 15 inclusive. After that, the promotion will expire, but the price, most likely, will not rise to the official 20 thousand, and the device can be bought for 16 690 rubles, for which it is sold on Tmall by default.

Should you buy the Galaxy S10 in 2020

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

Galaxy S10 is relevant even in 2020

For those who want a flagship, I advise you to pay attention to the Galaxy S10, which is now also on sale on Tmall at a discount. Until April 15, it will be possible to buy it for 47 692 rubles. This is a really low price, considering that servo carriers are now selling last year's flagship Samsung for exactly the same money.

Should you buy the Galaxy S10 in 2020? Of course it is. After all, this is a really cool device, which in many ways is not only not inferior to the more modern Galaxy S20, but even surpasses it. For example, last year's model, unlike the new one, still has a headphone jack, its display is curved at the sides, which gives the device a more noble look, and recently Samsung released the One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy S10 with support for shooting on all cameras at once and Quick Share data transfer technology.

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

Galaxy S10 for 47 thousand rubles is almost a gift

The situation is similar with the Galaxy S10 +. Yes, even on Tmall it costs more than the original Galaxy S10 – almost 56 thousand rubles. But for the money, you get a larger display, a larger battery, and an additional front-facing camera. It's up to you to decide whether it is worth overpaying, however, given the difference in price, I would take the base model and would not blow my head for at least a couple of years.

What inexpensive smartphone to buy

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

Galaxy A40 is last year's smartphone, but in 2020 it is no less attractive

And for those on a budget, Tmall has the Galaxy A40. There you can buy it for 12,590 rubles against at least 12,900 rubles on Yandex.Market from servo carriers. Yes, this is not the newest model anymore, since it was released last year. However, for the money for which it is offered on Tmall, as for me, you will not find a better option.

Well, see for yourself. Firstly, the Galaxy A40 is still being updated, which is important, given that updates extend the life of the smartphone, allowing it to remain relevant, and also fix all sorts of bugs that are in the firmware Android – there are usually a lot of smartphones. Secondly, the Galaxy A40 supports NFC, which means contactless payments.

Best Android - smartphones for your money for 2020

The Galaxy A40 is cheap and angry. For this he is loved

There were times when this privilege was only available to owners of flagships, and now anyone with 12 thousand rubles can get hold of a device with Samsung Pay support. Well, and thirdly, the Galaxy A40 is equipped with a physical fingerprint scanner, which, in my opinion, is a serious advantage, since ultrasonic and optical are far from being so convenient and safe.

As for the camera and processor, I can say that they are here. But what … But what's the difference? After all, a smartphone for 12 thousand is unlikely to be bought in order to shoot masterpieces or spire in Fortnite. In the end, there are other, more suitable devices for these purposes. However, neither the photo quality nor the system performance on the A40, I'm sure, will disappoint you, if you do not compare it with the flagships.

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