How to crop a long video for Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of this social network. Suppose you recorded a beautiful video 1-2 minutes long, but the length of the video in the story is limited to 15 seconds. So you won't be able to upload the full video to Stories. Fortunately, there are a couple of useful apps that you can use to split a video into multiple small clips with just a couple of clicks.

How to split a long video for Instagram Stories:

  • Download the Story Cutter app.
  • Open the video with Story Cutter.
  • Publish the resulting clip to Instagram.

Download the Story Cutter app

This app was created by the developer Insocial8. You can download it for free through the Google Play Market, but there are paid features in the app that allow you to trim videos to different lengths. Initially in the free version you can create clips up to 10 seconds long, for 15 seconds clips you need to pay a couple of dollars. However, 10 second clips should be enough for stories Instagram.

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Open a video with Story Cutter

Before creating clips in Story Cutter, you will be prompted to record video through the app's camera or select a finished video from the gallery. Then select the length of the video clip. The application will take a few minutes to create the clip. When the clip is finished, you will be prompted to save the new clips to your phone. You can simply exit the application and proceed to the next step.

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Publish the resulting clip to Instagram

Now open Instagram, swipe left from the left edge of the screen and click on the gallery icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and select the clips you created.

Remember that Instagram has the ability to upload multiple videos or photos at the same time. Using this feature, you can download several stories at once in a couple of clicks.

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