Five reasons not to buy a foldable smartphone now

Foldable smartphones could be a trend this year, but so far it's not working very well. At one time they surprised everyone, but disappointment came just as quickly after everyone saw a fold on the screen of the first such device. This is really repulsive, but we have hope that sooner or later it will be corrected. However, I am not yet ready to buy a foldable smartphone and do not plan to do so. I have several reasons for this, which are not limited only to this very fold. Perhaps over time I will change my mind, but for now I am one of those who hesitate, and here are my few reasons why I do not want to buy a foldable smartphone yet.

Five reasons not to buy a foldable smartphone now

This smartphone is interesting, but not enough to buy it.

The most important thing about folding smartphones is that they were able to shake up the entire industry a little and make manufacturers come up with something interesting. Many started to compete in this field and it turned out to be generally funny. One fakap Motorola is worth it.

If you use a foldable smartphone, you may not agree with the opinion I have given in this article, but I cannot help but express my opinion, especially since conversations about this begin more and more often.

Why foldable smartphones are expensive

No one will argue with this for sure. Foldable smartphones are very expensive! Even the Galaxy Z Flip costs $ 1,399. At the same time, it has very average specs. This is a lot, even considering that we have been living for a long time at a time when a smartphone from the $ 1,000+ category is no longer surprising. This used to be a reason for criticizing the device on the Web for six months after the release of the device. Now this is more of a way to show that this manufacturer can also be in the top segment.

The prices of other folding smartphones are at least not lower. For example, the Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980, the Huawei Mate Xs is $ 2,499, and the failed Motorola RAZR is $ 1,499.

Against this background, I want to think hard about buying such devices. I think most of the reasoning will lead to abandoning the purchase. For the price of the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR, you can buy the top iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I'm not even talking about the simpler configurations of these smartphones. And even more so about more affordable models like the top-end OnePlus. Everything will be better in them. They just won't surprise others. But how long will foldable smartphones last?

Foldable smartphone screen is very fragile

We are accustomed to the fact that smartphones are becoming more durable every year. They acquire new generations of glass, metal frames and other types of protection. At least, it is quite difficult to scratch the screen of a modern flagship. It can be broken, but not scratched.

Foldable smartphones seem to have taken a step back and took us back to a time when smartphones were really easy to damage. This concerns the hinge, which can be broken by dropping the device or bending it too much. The second element to worry about is the screen.

Five reasons not to buy a foldable smartphone now

It seems even interesting, but something is still wrong …

In order for it to bend, it had to be made soft. As a result, its strength is such that it can be scratched with a fingernail. And this is not an assumption, but the real results of the strength test.

It will not be possible to protect it in any way, since the screen must bend freely and there are no protective glasses or films that can protect it. More precisely, there is, but this foam cannot be torn off, otherwise everything will stop working altogether. There have already been cases.

Even if you do not use sharp objects and blow off dust particles from your smartphone, it will still be damaged. This will happen at the fold. I'm not even talking about the fold. It's just that the coating in this place will be damaged over time from constant folding. You just have to accept

Why are there so few foldable smartphones?

There are so few foldable smartphones due to the fact that the technology has not yet become mainstream and few companies can make such screens. Yes, Samsung has two such smartphones, but the choice is still small.

Actually, the lack of choice once again raises doubts about the purchase. When you are going to spend two or more thousand dollars, you cannot even choose between several options. There are only four of them and one of them simply cannot be looked at without tears. I'm talking about Motorola again.

For comparison, even among ordinary smartphones, you can immediately name 7-8 devices in the top category, which are available in a huge number of options and configurations. Foldable smartphones don't have that.

Five reasons not to buy a foldable smartphone now

There are many flagships, few foldable smartphones.

Many, including Nokia, have announced their desire to make a foldable smartphone, but so far there are no such devices from them. And they are unlikely to appear earlier than in a year or two.

How to choose a foldable smartphone

But in any way … Just focus on beautiful videos from manufacturers' websites and from several reviews, which are also not very informative.

Of course, there are showrooms and some smartphones you can come and touch, but there are so few of them that you still have to run around to find what you need. Even the stores in which they are exhibited often hide them under glass, and you can only get acquainted with smartphones visually through the glass.

Even if you've found where to look at, say, the Galaxy Fold, you definitely won't be able to compare it to the Huawei Mate Xs. They just won't be “under the same roof.” Gray sellers, who may have both devices in stock, will hardly let you unpack them, and manufacturers do not give them to telecom stores and electronics stores.

Why foldable smartphones are worse than conventional ones

Let's omit for a while the technical lag of clamshells from monoblocks. Although their characteristics correspond to monoblocks for about $ 500-600, now is not about that. In the end, a lot of engineers worked on these devices, a lot of money was invested in the development, which must be beat back.

The durability of foldable smartphones

Now we are talking about the fact that clamshells are less durable and lose a lot in price. Their durability is greatly reduced by moving parts. Even if the crease does not bother you, the hinge will still loosen over time. There will be nothing inside the boards, but if the device stops opening or half of the screen turns off, you simply cannot use it further. Because of this, the price for them will fall very strongly.

I doubt that in a couple of years the Galaxy Fold will sell for more than $ 300-400. The folding mechanism is a risk, and the hardware in the smartphone is still so-so. In a couple of years it will generally become archaic.

Protecting your foldable smartphone from water

I have already said more than once that swimming with a smartphone is not worth it, since if water gets inside the case, the warranty does not apply to it. In general, there are several of our habits that are killing our smartphones. Nevertheless, just in case, it is still nice to have it. In folding devices, protection from water is out of the question. The slightest puddle will most likely just kill him.

Five reasons not to buy a foldable smartphone now

Very unpleasant. I would not like …

Foldable Smartphone Accessories

There are almost no accessories for foldable smartphones right now. There is only what the manufacturers themselves offer, but it is all too expensive and therefore not very affordable. Perhaps, against the background of the cost of a smartphone, the amount will seem small, but in reality it is very decent.

Repair of a folding smartphone

That was the end of the story about the cons of folding smartphones. Even if you are not scared off by everything that was listed above, and you are ready to pay a lot, receive little, be unable to buy a new cover and are not afraid of water ingress, you are still not insured against breakdowns.

If this happens while the smartphone is under warranty and the case is still under warranty, things are not so bad. But if repairs need to be done at their own expense, this will be a disaster. Something cannot be repaired at all, but something will cost like a new top-end flagship. That's all.

Who are foldable smartphones made for?

With all of the above, there is another factor that is holding back the proliferation of foldable smartphones. By its uniqueness, it is made for geeks, but just geeks know everything about it and will not want to buy it. Those for whom $ 2,500 for a communication device is not money do not care about this form factor. They need a reliable smartphone. They will choose iPhone or Galaxy S / Note.

Of course, foldable smartphones have their pros, but for now we are talking about the cons because they are more obvious. What do you think about it. Has my story discouraged someone from buying a foldable smartphone? Or was it not there anyway? As usual, answers are accepted in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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