Why am I afraid to buy smartphones Xiaomi. Fear you too

Xiaomi – top for your money, Xiaomi – gun, Xiaomi – Chinese Apple. How many epithets in relation to this company did not come up with its fans. Not that it angered me or even hurt me in any way – not at all – but I cannot agree with either one or the other, or with the third. They produce too contradictory products. But some time ago I seriously considered the smartphones of this company for myself and even had the imprudence to recommend them to my acquaintances who were looking for an inexpensive but interesting device in terms of characteristics. Therefore, if those to whom I have advised Xiaomi read me, you should know: I sincerely repent.

Why am I afraid to buy smartphones Xiaomi.  Fear you too

Xiaomi is dangerous for its own smartphones

Oddly enough, but the reason why I started to be afraid of smartphones Xiaomi is not at all in the prices for the line Xiaomi Mi 10, which are almost close in cost to the top flagships of A-brands. I started to be afraid of them because of the updates that literally disable smartphones. Want more details?

Smartphone updates Xiaomi

Why am I afraid to buy smartphones Xiaomi.  Fear you too

Smartphones Xiaomi are good for everyone, except for software support, which is really dangerous for them

I'm not a prude and I am pretty calm about bugs that appear in system updates. In the end, Apple taught me that this is absolutely normal, the main thing is that the fix arrived as early as possible and the detected bug did not have time to exhaust the nerves of users. But Xiaomi is another matter. Not only does she allow herself to make minor flaws, she also simply cannot organize the work of the department of programmers who are engaged in designing updates for branded smartphones. This is clearly seen in the example of Xiaomi Mi A3, which has become a real disgrace for the company.

Should you buy Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 is interesting to us for several reasons. But, if you are not interested in the details, I answer the question asked above right away: no, you shouldn't.

Why am I afraid to buy smartphones Xiaomi.  Fear you too

Xiaomi Mi A3 is the most problematic smartphone Xiaomi

First of all, it should be said that Xiaomi Mi A3 is a representative of the Mi A line, within which Xiaomi produces smartphones on a clean Android. As a rule, such devices are among the first to be updated, since they practically do not require adaptation of updates such as MIUI. However, late last year, when Google introduced Android 10, Xiaomi did not bother to release the update on time, and instead ignored user questions about the release timeline for several months.

Then, when Xiaomi did give birth to an update, within a couple of days it became clear that it contained so many bugs and flaws that it either turns compatible smartphones into 'bricks', or deprives them of some of the available functions. It is clear that Xiaomi there was nothing else left but to revoke Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi A3. After all, she risked the condition of tens and hundreds of thousands of devices, the owners of which would certainly go to complain.

Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi A3

Another attempt to launch the update took place several weeks later. True, it was also unsuccessful. True, this time the Chinese reacted even faster and canceled the distribution of the update already in the first 2-3 hours, which ruined the life of a new audience of users, since most of those who managed to update also received half-dead devices that were functioning before the update was installed quite well.

Why am I afraid to buy smartphones Xiaomi.  Fear you too

Xiaomi from the very beginning somehow went wrong with Android 10

The third attempt took place last week. But – guess what? Quite right. It also failed, and Xiaomi for the third time withdrew the update, which, although it installed much fewer users, taught by the bitter experience of previous releases, still harmed a small part of the owners Xiaomi Mi A3 who remained at the broken trough.

Smartphone problems Xiaomi

What is this, if not the negligence of the developers and management Xiaomi, who first drag out the update for several months, and then recall it three times (!) Because it is impossible to use it, and its installation breaks compatible smartphone models? I have no idea what I would do if I were the owner of devices Xiaomi, which seem to be updated, but only after each attempt they either fail or lose some of their functions. However, I know for sure that now, looking at how the Chinese treat their users and their work, I will never buy the products of this brand and I strongly advise you not.

But I made this decision based not only on the failures Xiaomi with the Mi A3 update. Over the past six months, the Chinese have released a number of really failed updates MIUI based on Android 10. The owners of Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Mi 9, and the Pocophone F1, and even Xiaomi Mi 10, which has just entered the market. In some of these cases Xiaomi she recalled the update, and in some she left everything as it is, trying to fix the discovered bugs with emergency updates. Just what the owners of those devices that turned into bricks through fault Xiaomi should not be told by the company's support service, leaving customers alone with their problems.

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