Why are Android users massively running to iPhone SE 2020

iPhone has always been an object of desire for some users Android. And in order not to give themselves away, it was they who were always the first to enter into a skirmish and tried to prove that smartphones Apple are complete slag, but some Xiaomi or Pocophone surpasses them in everything. Not that at least anyone was interested in this confrontation, but it was all the more surprising to watch how former fans Android, as if to the tune of the rat-catcher, at the first opportunity, amicably change to iPhone. Do you think this does not happen? And the new iPhone SE showed what happens.

Why are Android users massively running to iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 is a very popular smartphone among users Android

iPhone SE 2020, which went on sale this spring, has proven equally popular with owners iPhone and defectors with Android. According to analysts from Counterpoint Research, 26% of iPhone SE 2020 buyers in the US turned out to be former users of Google's mobile OS. This is quite a lot, considering that those who moved from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s – namely, they, according to the manufacturer's plan, should have made up the main audience iPhone SE – there are 30% of the total share of smartphone buyers.

Who buys iPhone SE 2020

Why are Android users massively running to iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE is not bought for no reason. His choice is approached very carefully.

iPhone SE 2020 shoppers are pragmatic people who tend to get the most out of their purchases. Such a portrait of the average owner iPhone SE was drawn in Counterpoint. In general, it is. Flagship characteristics, advanced photo capabilities, coupled with a low price make the new state employee Apple, perhaps, the most profitable smartphone not only in the lineup, but also on the market. After all, even the Galaxy A51, which iPhone SE 2020 had to compete with, does not offer top-end hardware and wireless charging.

It turns out that the users Android are more important about the ratio of the price and the offered characteristics, and not the diagonal of its screen. So they weren't particularly embarrassed by the 4.7-inch display of the new iPhone SE. After all, the overwhelming majority of those who switched to it used to use smartphones with a screen over 5.5 inches. In any case, in the last few years there have been practically no more compact devices on Android.

Why buy iPhone SE 2020

Why are Android users massively running to iPhone SE 2020

Sometimes convenience plays no less role in the choice than functionality

iPhone SE 2020 has a lot to value:

  • iPhone SE 2020 is faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • iPhone SE 2020 shoots no worse than iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone SE 2020 supports wireless charging;
  • iPhone SE 2020 will be renewed for at least five years;
  • iPhone SE 2020 is compact, and many people lack this.

Yes, it is possible iOS is a closed OS without the ability to customize the interface and expand the standard capabilities using third-party shells. But, whatever one may say, it is a stable platform that allows smartphones to work incredibly stable and pull the most top-end applications and games with 3-4 GB of RAM. Can Android afford something like this? Maybe, but only if you put it on the Google Pixel, and these smartphones, as we know, are much more expensive than iPhone SE.

My colleague Artyom Sutyagin, a longtime adherent of Android, agrees with these provisions. Obviously, for this reason, he refused to buy the flagships of OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi and even the foldable Huawei Mate X, but simply took and bought a new iPhone SE. This is a justified choice, given that it is somehow even embarrassing to buy Android – a smartphone that will lose software support in two years and will no longer be produced, and iPhone SE 2020 will survive more than one generation of them successors.

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